Energy Storage Systems

With state-of-the-art power conversion and energy storage technologies, Delta’s Energy Storage System (ESS) offers high-efficiency power conditioning capabilities for demand management, power dispatch, renewable energy smoothing, etc. The ESS integrates bi-directional power conditioning and battery devices, site controllers, and a cloud management system to provide comprehensive energy storage for residential, commercial and utility applications.

Our Li-ion battery portfolio covers cells, modules (24V, 48V), cabinets (indoor/outdoor) and containers, which offer customers excellent scalability and adaptability to a wide variety of requirements. Customized pack design is also available upon request.

Products List

Skid Solution

Delta’s energy storage skid solution is an integrated energy storage system for industrial and commercial sites with limited space and construction times. It can be configured according to current needs while reserving flexibility for future expansion.

Power Conditioning System (PCS)

Power Conditioning Systems (PCS) are bi-directional energy storage inverters for grid-tied, off-grid, and C&I applications including power backup, peak shaving, load shifting, PV self-consumption, PV smoothing and so on. Their compactness saves space while offering scalability for various system configurations as well as integration with mainstream branded battery systems.

Battery Energy Storage System

Delta's lithium battery energy storage system (BESS) is a complete system design with features like high energy density, battery management, multi-level safety protection, an outdoor cabinet with a modular design. Furthermore, it meets international standards used in Europe, America, and Japan.

Energy Management System and Site Controller

Delta’s energy management system and site controller provide energy and equipment management functions. It can display energy and operation data of the energy storage system in real time by graphical user interface. Besides, Delta EMS can integrate renewables, EV charging, and energy storage system for managing power dispatching and regulation centrally, thus optimizing energy efficiency.


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