EV Charging Solutions

Delta’s EV Charging Solutions can be applied in a wide range of residential, commercial, workplace, public, and fleet charging sites. Whether it’s for employees to charge throughout the day or for highway service stations where drivers expect to stay for only a cup of coffee, there is suitable EV charging infrastructure to choose from. 

Choose Delta EV Charging Solutions because they cover more than just charging. Convert your charge point into a solar-powered system with better efficiency than grid-powered systems. Improve your charging service, optimize your energy cost, and tackle power peak with an on-site energy storage system. This is especially beneficial for EV charging points in rural areas.

  • Complete product portfolio with globally compatible AC 7–22 kW chargers and DC 25–200 kW fast chargers
  • Intuitive web-based EV charging infrastructure management system for overseeing charging and energy use
  • Your choice to integrate solar power, energy storage, or both
  • Residential sites such as homes, apartments, and condos
  • Commercial sites such as convenience stores, supermarkets, department stores, malls, coffee shops, restaurants, banks, and commercial complexes
  • Workplaces
  • Public sites such as government buildings and schools
  • Parking lots and roadside parking spaces
  • Logistics fleets

Solution List

Residential Charging

Start Everyday Fully Charged!

 Easily Accessible Charging Facilities
With chargers in your home or apartment, you will never experience the anxiety of searching for a public charging station again.

 Minimize Obstacles during Construction
AC chargers are safe for home charging, come at a reasonable cost, and take up little space.

 Manage User Authentication and Billing
Because our chargers have the capability for user authentication and connection to a back-end system, users will only ever be billed for their own charging sessions.

Commercial Charging

Recharge While You're Busy Elsewhere

 Eliminate Driving Range Anxiety
With chargers deployed at your business site, you can ease the anxiety of your customers and employees and enhance their satisfaction.

 Seamless Implementation with a Turnkey Solution
Overall site planning and construction services minimize your efforts to provide the charging service.

 Create a New Income Stream
Membership and billing management provide an additional income stream through EV charging fees.

Public Charging

Shorten the Time Get Back on the Road

 Add Greener Value to Existing Business
Integrate EV charging into existing businesses such as petrol stations and utility services.

 Dispatch Energy Efficiently
Combine energy storage and renewable energy into existing sites to optimize energy efficiency and reduce electricity costs.

 Manage Charger and Energy Efficiency
Optimize operating costs by ensuring maximum availability of charging services as well as increased energy efficiency.


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