The Delta Remote Monitoring and Management Solution (Delta RMMS) is a total solution for the power system and the peripheral devices installed on site to allow customers to easily and efficiently manage sites and reduce OPEX. Delta RMMS includes Site Controller, iDEAn and iDEAn APP. Delta iDEAn, an integrated Data Efficient Access network provides proven capabilities for monitoring and managing power equipment.

iDEAn is a web-based application. It can install at customer’s server farm or cloud to fit any network infrastructure. User can access the service through a web portal or mobile APP to get site status anytime anywhere. Once an alarm is triggered, iDEAn will automatically notify the maintenance team by email, push notification, or pop-up web. To reduce the downtime of site, iDEAn offers significant reports to support maintenance team to have preventative actions such as when they have to replace battery string(s) and add additional power modules. To integrate with the existing network management system, iDEAn also offers variety northbound interface.

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