High-speed Fluid Machinery Solution

As the world faces extreme weather, governments and enterprises have been making great efforts to launch carbon reduction goals for sustainable development. To cut down on energy costs and carbon emissions, fluid machinery plays a significant role in energy saving. Refrigerant compressors, air compressors, and blowers are common fluid machinery that is applied in HVAC, air/water supply, and some manufacturing industries.

For fluid machinery, the flow rate and pressure increases as the rotational speed increases. Generally speaking, under high-speed operation, due to bearing friction, it is not only difficult to increase the rotational speed, but also the high energy consumption is a major pain point for the industry.

In order to overcome the aforementioned application challenges and improve energy efficiency, Delta has leveraged its years of experience in the field of motor drive and control to launch a high speed fluid machinery solution that uses maglev technology, including motor drives, bearing drives, high-speed motors, maglev bearings and power management systems. It can greatly increase the rotation speed and achieve wide and stable high-speed drive control. Under the same energy consumption, the maglev centrifugal compressor can generate a higher flow rate than the conventional positive displacement compressor, saving energy consumption and reducing energy expenditure. It is suitable for maglev centrifugal chiller, maglev blowers and maglev air compressors.

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