Energy Management Solutions

DeltaGrid® energy management platform is the software core of Delta’s energy infrastructure solution. It can empower energy infrastructure systems and equipment, and optimize system availability and operational efficiency. The entire DeltaGrid® system has passed the IEC 62443-3-3 Industrial IoT security standard from a solution scope to ensure the security of energy systems.

In addition to the management system, Delta also provides a series of communication and control solutions, using modules, data collection, head-end systems and gateways to remotely control smart meters, smart street lights, and solar power plants.

  • DeltaGrid® EVM: EV charging infrastructure
  • DeltaGrid® EM: energy storage system, ancillary service, solar power plant, RE100 surplus renewable energy management
  • DeltaGrid® O&M: digital service for operation and maintenance
  • DeltaGrid® Metering: smart meter connectivity
  • DeltaGrid® Lighting: street light control
  • DeltaGrid® Energy Management: carbon emission tracking, controller and gateway

Category List

EV Charging Management

To help EV charging service providers to ensure power availability, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction in new and existing EV charging infrastructure, Delta has included features for EV charging in the DeltaGrid® energy management system.

Energy Storage Management

Delta empowers energy storage system with DeltaGrid EM energy management system, making energy storage system a software-defined solutions to respond to the needs of different applications. With its precisely control, energy storage system can accurately execute the preset functions, and optimize equipment availability through digital operation and maintenance and operational efficiency.

Energy Management

DeltaGrid Energy Management Solution

DeltaGrid energy management gateways are designed to collect energy consumption data from equipment such as energy storage systems, solar systems, EV chargers, HVAC units, and water pumps. With LTE and Ethernet connectivity, data can be integrated into major energy management systems for further analysis as well as remote monitoring and control. Thus, it can centralize energy management in complex systems and realize energy-saving while optimizing energy efficiency.

Delta's DeltaGrid energy management solution has been successfully introduced into Delta's corporate headquarters. Starting in 2019, 29kW solar power system and 33kWh energy storage systems have been added to the idle space on the top floor, EV charger have been installed in the parking lot, and all the information is managed by DeltaGrid® Energy Management System.


Get Actionable Insights from Delta’s Smart Meter Connectivity Solution.

DeltaGrid Metering is a highly advanced, flexible, and comprehensive solution that includes meters, field area networking (FAN) modules, data concentrator units (DCU) and head-end systems (HES).

This solution can perform real-time collection, transmission, monitoring, and control of smart metering data via advanced NB-IoT, LTE, and RF Mesh technologies.

Street Lighting

Transform How Municipalities Manage Cities While Saving Energy.

DeltaGrid street light control solution adds wireless connectivity and cloud management capabilities to street lights. With remote control, diagnosis, and monitoring of connected lights, operators can optimize their energy consumption and benefit from improved operational efficiency and service quality of city lighting infrastructure, and end up optimizing energy consumption.

In 2017, Delta started to install 21,000 smart streetlights in East Jakarta. Delta's Smart Streetlight Solution provides bright and energy saving LED lighting with wireless networking capability, which allows the dense street lights installation in the city to be woven into a communication network.