Energy Management Solutions

DeltaGrid® energy management platform is the software core of Delta’s energy infrastructure solution. It can empower energy infrastructure systems and equipment and optimize system availability and operational efficiency. The entire DeltaGrid® system has passed the IEC 62443-3-3 Industrial IoT security standard from a solution scope to ensure the security of energy systems.

In addition to the management system, Delta also provides a series of communication and control solutions, using modules, data collection, head-end systems and gateways to remotely control smart meters, smart street lights, and solar power plants.
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Energy Management System

DeltaGrid® Energy Management System is built on AIoT and capable of integrating PV systems, energy storage systems, and EV chargers for smart energy management, power regulation, and even carbon emission tracking. It improves energy infrastructure monitoring by utilizing digitalized operational maintenance. With its advanced energy management capabilities, it optimizes energy scheduling and operational efficiency.

Site Controller & Gateway

DeltaGrid® site controller and gateways are designed to collect energy data from equipment such as energy storage systems, solar systems, EV chargers, HVAC units, and water pumps. With LTE and Ethernet connectivity, data can be integrated into major energy management systems for further analysis as well as remote monitoring and control. Thus, it can centralize energy management in complex systems and realize energy-saving while optimizing energy efficiency.


DeltaGrid® Metering System is a highly advanced, flexible, and comprehensive solution that can perform real-time collection, transmission, monitoring, and control of smart metering data via advanced NB-IoT, LTE, and RF Mesh technologies. This next-generation system will allow utilities to collect real-time data on electricity demand, renewable energy generation, and more, all of which are essential information that enable more efficient services, helping improve the electricity grid’ s efficiency and reliability.


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