Thermal Management

Delta Thermal Management Products (Coolers) provide thermal solutions for desktop computers, servers, game boxes, Telecom, household appliances and VGA cards.Delta employs highly experienced design engineers that are knowledgeable in customer applications and cooling requirements.

Advanced engineering equipment such as thermal evaluation software, thermal wind tunnels, thermal resistance testers, computerized CNC machines, anechoic chambers and wind tunnels are used to develop high performance, low noise and cost effective thermal coolers.


Thermal Management Solution
With over three decades of design and manufacturing expertise, Delta has introduced a comprehensive thermal solution portfolio that combines cost-effectiveness with high reliability, catering to a global audience. This portfolio encompasses various heatsink applications and advanced heat pipe/vapor chamber variations. Backed by its robust engineering team and a network of production facilities worldwide, Delta employs convenient simulation tools and its self-developed database of intelligence to precisely tailor cooling solutions to meet the unique needs of customers with professional efficiency.
Liquid Cooling Solution
As the computing capability of the data center increases, IT equipment generates more heat, which must be addressed to handle higher heat density and prevent system failures. Delta's liquid cooling solution is capable of efficiently managing the significant heat generated by IT equipment, surpassing the performance of traditional air cooling solutions. Delta has matching water-cooled cold plate and cooling liquid distribution unit (CDU) products available for Level 6 board-level solutions, Level 10 complete system assembly solutions, and even Level 11 system integration solutions.
Portable Thermal Solution
A portable thermal solution is designed to manage the heat produced by chips and other electronic components. This design combines essential elements like fans, heat transfer components (heat pipes, VC, etc.), heat exchangers, and structural metal or plastic parts to create compact and efficient products. These products are lightweight and have portable dimensions, making them suitable for everyday use and versatile applications.