Traction products are major parts in an electric vehicle.

Delta provides multiple traction solutions, including the standalone solution of traction motor, traction inverter and integrated motor drive which is the combination of a traction motor and a traction inverter, is a highly integrated and compact solution. To be compared with standalone, it contributes improvement in cost and space saving.

Category List

Traction Inverter

Traction inverter is the motor drive in the electric vehicle. It converts the high DC voltage of the battery into a variable frequency and AC voltage to drive the motor. Its power flow is bidirectional and is adopted in BEV and PHEV. Output power ranges from 80kW to 400kW with efficiency greater than 98%.

Traction Motor

The traction motor is the power source of the electric car. Not only it provides the torque and speed of the vehicle, it also generates useful power back to the battery when braking. Its output power ranges from 25kW to 330kW with efficiency greater than 97%.

Integrated Motor Drive

The integrated motor drive is the combination of a traction motor, traction inverter. It is also called the heart of the powertrain system. The traction motor and traction inverter are highly integrated and compact solution for the BEV and PHEV. To be compared with the standalone soultion, integrated motor drive saves space and cost.