Indoor Air Quality Products

Delta Ventilation Fans are Powerful, Durable, Quiet and Efficient
With over 25 years of experience in innovation and quality assurance, the brushless DC motor technology inside each of Delta ventilation fans is the reason our products continue to set new industry standards for high energy efficiency.

The majority of Delta Breez ( fans are ENERGY STAR certified, while models in all other regions undergo the same rigorous quality testing and come with a minimum 3-year warranty. Our products boast the following features:

● Rigorously tested for minimal noise
● Equipped with soft start and lock protection functions
● Engineered for continuous operation up to 70,000 hours

Energy-saving DC Ventilation Fan Products
The introduction of Delta ventilation fans signifies a milestone in the industry's commitment to green construction, offering energy-efficient ventilation solutions. Our fans not only enhance aesthetic appeal but also consume less power while delivering advanced functionality and quiet operation compared to AC motor models available in the market.

Whole-house Ventilation / Fresh Air Products
The fresh air system intakes outdoor air, efficiently filters and purifies it, and then delivers it to the indoor space. Simultaneously, the system exhausts indoor stale air outdoors, achieving whole-house ventilation. Users can enjoy high-quality fresh air, even in enclosed and airtight rooms.