Filter Fans

Rated at IP54 and UL (NEMA) Type12, Delta HEF500 / HEF160 / HEF070 Series Industrial Filter Fans set a new bar in quality and system care. Deployable in industrial applications requiring filtered air delivery, Delta HEF Series Fans deploy a high efficiency filter with a mat quality class of G3/G4. To avoid lengthy maintenance cycles, the filters feature a high dust retention capacity and simple tool-less replacement requiring only a single finger latch system to access the filter for inspection and replacement. Aside from class-leading performance, simplicity in design was built into each HEF Series Fan. Each model is available in 115V and 230V AC. Mounting is made easy with pin-to-pin cut-out sizes available on the market. Utilizing forced convection, Delta HEF Series Fans draw air into an enclosure via its high efficiency fan and filter for direct air cooling. Heat loaded ambient air is then exhausted from the system via another fan and/or filter port ensuring well-filtered system airflow.

  • Quick Installation and Tool-less Filter Maintenance
  • Market Compatible Pin-to-Pin Cut-out Sizes
  • Standard Rope Gasket Deployment
  • High Air Pressure Output (up to 500 CFM)
  • High Thermal Stability (Up to 100oC)
  • Superb Moisture Resistance (Up to 100%)
  • Impressive Dust Retention Capacity Up to 200 Pa (Filter mat-G3 up to 700 g/m2, G4 up to 750 g/m2)
  • Filter Mat Quality Class G3/G4 and Fire Class F1 (DIN 53438)
  • Safety Certifications Include UL 508 / Type12 Certification, IP54 Rating, and UV-resistance plastic standard