DIAAMS Alarm Management System

DIAAMS (Alarm Management System) is an enterprise-level alarm management platform that collects alarms from various IT systems, equipment, and facilities of the entire factory, and then immediately alerts the responsible units and records the occurrence and process in detail. All users can remotely and quickly grasp the anomalous situation and deal with it in a timely manner. It provides flexible configuration for various devices to ensure instant notification depending on the requirements of different users.

DIAAMS has been applied in industries such as semiconductors, electronics assembly, and PCB to help customers manage anomalies more efficiently.

Product Introduction

Features & Benefits
Immediately and accurately sends alarms to ensure that events are promptly handled
  • Users can flexibly configure triggering alarm conditions according to different alarms
  • According to the severity of the alarm, the system supports a multi-level sending mechanism. The alarm can only be turned off after personnel respond, ensuring the event is handled
  • Supports various sending methods, including email, SMS, VoIP, WeChat, Line, App, and other devices, to groups and personnel according to responsibilities
  • Prevents repeated invalid alarms that distrub responsible users
  • Triggers other systems when alarms occur to enhance integration efficiency

When an anomaly occurs in the equipment, DIAAMS will immediately notify the responsible unit. If it is not processed within a certain period of time, it will be reported to a higher level to ensure the event is handled

Users can receive alarm messages through the APP for reporting and handling alarm events remotely

Traces and records in detail the progress of alarms
  • A variety of reports support users viewing the progress and status
  • Users can reply to the alarm processing content and record it with the event for future statistical analysis
  • A variety of alarm processing operations include confirming receipt of notifications, and interrupting or ending events under special circumstances to avoid information confusion

Offers alarm processing queries for users to monitor the status and progress of the alarm

Quickly integrates multiple alarm sources and systems to centralized alarms
  • The administrator only needs to manage the web server structure without installing each client. It is convenient for users to remotely maintain the alarm settings, manage, and supervise the alarm status
  • Provides standard interface to integrate user's IT systems, monitoring systems, and equipment
  • Classifies alarms according to factory ID, subsystem, and emergency level. Quickly helps users organize alarms for the whole factory
Small and medium-sized machine assembly, optoelectronic panels and materials, semiconductors, solar energy, electronic components, electronics/appliance assembly, and PCB manufacturing