Brilliant Life
Delta is committed to facilitate harmonious labor relations and improve the employee experience by establishing a healthy, happy and friendly work environment and providing more balance between work and life.
Comprehensive Health Management and Promotion

Delta is committed to promoting employee health and well-being and incorporated health management and health promotion ideas into the Company's core values.
Comprehensive Health Management
We use the results of employee health examinations, requirement surveys, feedback from past activities, and results analysis to revise and adjust the key points of the projects each year in order to integrate health management, health promotion resources, and related measures.
Commitment to building
a friendly workplace
Delta promotes the philosophy of " One Delta”" and incorporated it into health management solutions. We received the prize of "Sport Corporate” and "Health Corporate " etc..
Delta is committed to both "care for employees"
and building a "Lohas Workplace"
We value harmonious employment relations. The Company understands that gentle interactions can alleviate life’s pressure as well as enhance interpersonal relations. Delta promotes a balance between work and personal life through the slogan of "Live Better, Work Smart.