Delta joins the Open Manufacturing Platform
Innovative technology implements sustainable development

Delta Electronics, a leading provider of switching power management solutions, announced that it joins the Open Manufacturing Platform (OMP), becoming the first Asian member in the OMP community. This platform is jointly launched by BMW Group and Microsoft and aims to achieve high-efficiency, low-cost and sustainable innovative energy solutions brought by digital transformation through cutting-edge technologies.

Environmental issues in manufacturing segments

Global warming has had a huge impact on the environment. International brand enterprises have actively promoted green supply chain and required suppliers to cooperate with energy management policies. Therefore, the high power consumption manufacturing industry is facing pressure from the global low-carbon economic transformation. But on the other side, it forms a new business model. Delta which has been listed on the DJSI World Index of Dow Jones Sustainability™ Indices for 10 consecutive years, will bring our decades of rich industrial experience, expertise and solutions in cloud-based data analytics to the OMP community, with a specific focus on the “Manufacturing Reference Architecture” and “ATS Core services” working groups, and will work with members to develop a standard carbon footprint solution that meets international compliance.

Building the green smart manufacturing with Energy Management

Dr. Cally Ko, Vice President and General Manager, Corp Strategic Business Development and Alliance of Delta, stated “We apply cloud service and cutting-edge technologies to develop Delta Energy Management that could remotely manage EV Charging Stations and manufacturing plants for tracking carbon emissions. Through data collection and data analysis, the system helps users visualize energy consumption, real-time monitoring of energy efficiency, and discover major energy-consuming equipment to optimize energy-saving. Delta as a member of the OMP, will contribute the cutting-edge technologies of the Energy Management solution to align with the core principle of the OMP and build the green smart manufacturing in the future.”

Christoph Berlin, Partner, Azure Manufacturing at Microsoft said “We are thrilled to welcome Delta to the OMP family. With Delta’s rich and long history in energy and sustainable manufacturing across the globe, we are anticipating that Delta’s addition will inject a “green & sustainable” lens to OMP’s charter in solving manufacturers’ top challenges.”

Since Delta began the development of switched-mode power-supply products in the 1980s, we have worked continuously to improve the efficiency of our power supply products. The efficiency of all products currently exceeds 90%, directly assisting our global customers with energy conservation and carbon reduction. Delta will continue cooperating with the OMP members to achieve a people-oriented and sustainable working and living environment.

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