Delta Premiers IoT Integration Solutions for Future-proof Smart Buildings at Japan Build 2019

Tokyo, Japan, December 11, 2019 - Delta is showcasing the IoT-enabled Building Automation Solutions of its subsidiary LOYTEC at Japan Build 2019 — 4th Smart Building EXPO. With advanced support of IoT integration interfaces, LOYTEC's open Building Automation systems can seamlessly extend to the IoT network by integrating IoT devices and building equipment such as lighting, security, and EV charging systems on a single building management and control platform, bringing occupants a more convenient and smarter environment.

The development of IoT has brought forth a wellspring of devices with web-based interfaces, such as multimedia projectors, A/V systems, smart TVs, and smart light bulbs, and has become a requisite for achieving smart buildings today. As the innovative leader in the field of building automation, LOYTEC has come out with the IoT integration function, supported by JavaScript (Node.js) for its management platform.

Typical applications are meeting rooms or auditoriums with scene control of lighting and shading, integration of third-party devices, and operation of multimedia equipment with the touch of a button. The IoT integration function (Node.js) allows connecting the system to almost any cloud service, such as scheduling based on web calendars or booking systems. Processing Internet information such as weather data for forecast-based control is also possible.

The IoT-based building management and control platform has made LOYTEC one of the preferred solutions for Japan's building retrofit market especially with the support of BACnet/IP over IPv6 and BACnet IEIEJ starting from this year. It offers not only the most flexible infrastructure to help upgrade a legacy system in an older building, but also the best extensity for building owners to secure their assets' optimal value during the building lifecycle.

Apart from the most advanced IoT-based platform, Delta is also demonstrating LOYTEC's awarded all-in-one hybrid controller LIOB-585. It is not only applicable to all unitary and terminal needs but fits in the IoT integration. The LIOB-585 controller's ready-to-use programs and easy installation features make it a groundbreaking product for the Building Automation market.

Japan Build 2019 – Delta Showcase Highlights
- All-in-one hybrid controller:
LOYTEC's LIOB-585 I/O Controller is an award-winning hybrid device that is applicable to all unitary and terminal needs. Its strength is in maximizing synergies from the integration of different systems and bridging the gap between archaic fieldbus systems and IP. The LIOB-585 goes beyond simple HVAC application. With the IoT interface, connection to enterprise systems for scheduling, energy use and management, weather services or other IoT devices is possible without the need of mid-level and supervisory devices for IP connectivity

- Integrated smart surveillance solutions: For smart retailers, Delta's integrated smart surveillance platform operates with its subsidiary VIVOTEK's 360° monitoring fisheye and 3D stereo counting cameras to provide customers with a secure shopping environment, while offering retailers precision marketing through analysis of consumer behaviors.

- IoT networked lighting: LED high-bay lights suited for harsh environments align with sensors or wireless controls to enable smart lighting control in factories and warehouses.

In addition, Delta held a seminar "IoT-base BA System Creates Integrated Delta Building Solutions" on December 11th. LOYTEC CEO Hans-Jörg Schweinzer shares innovative building automation solutions and applications in response to IoT trends. More than 50 visitors from the building automation industry were impressed by the integration of building automation and IoT, and look forward to the future cooperation for more value-added building automation applications.

Please visit our booth 16-20 at Tokyo Big Sight Aomi Hall from December 11th to 13th, 2019, to experience the latest Delta smart building solutions.

News Source:Building Automation Business Group