Monday, November 4, 2019

Delta Introduces Industry-Leading EV Charging Infrastructure Solution

Delta is launching a new Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Infrastructure Solution that integrates a charging station, energy storage system, photovoltaic system, and management software. The solution provides a comprehensive one-stop service that is not only capable of proposing the most suitable EV charging infrastructure according to actual charging station needs and site conditions, but it is also the ideal choice for optimizing charging service and energy efficiency while reducing charging station operating costs and peak load impact on the power grid. The EV Charging Infrastructure Solution is expected to reach the market from 2019-Q4.

With the growing threat of global warming and issues related to climate change, governments are pushing policies and incentive programs for energy conservation and carbon emission reduction, which is also driving market demand for EVs as well as solar energy and energy storage systems. The increasing penetration rate of EVs has also brought about 4 problems:

1. The low prevalence of charging networks may cause EV drivers to have concern about the driving range.

2. Charging site owners and charging point operators are concerned about the stability of charging services they offer and the cost of business operations.

3. System integrators may be taking risks pertaining to compatibility and system stability when integrating different brands of products.

4. Utility companies will need to maintain power quality and invest in grid expansion once charging stations and charging networks have become widely deployed.

Delta has listened to market demands and has integrated multiple energy infrastructure-related products to launch a flexible one-stop solution. The new EV Charging Infrastructure Solution will not only help charging site owners easily build charging stations that provide fast and stable charging services at individual sites, but it will also allow charging point operators to effortlessly manage a high number of charging devices distributed across multiple sites.

The major features of this solution are:

- With integrated energy storage, smart charging, and energy management, charging site owners can prevent demand penalties while reducing electricity costs. The solution is also easier for system integrators to integrate new systems and provide more effective after-sales service and maintenance by eliminating compatibility issues. It can also help mitigate the impact of power consumption on the power grid, due to the unexpected sudden high load demand from the fast charging infrastructure.

- The solution's high flexibility allows operators to select exactly the products they need according to their site conditions, while accommodating needs related to scaling and charging service flexibly. Whether providing related hardware devices (e.g., AC or DC chargers, power conditioning systems, lithium battery cabinets, solar inverters, and site controllers) or software systems for charging equipment, stations, and energy management, Delta has suitable products that can be leveraged to build up a tailored solution for customers.

- Delta's hardware products are highly efficient and reliable while also being easy to install, and the company's software products make it simple for facility managers and operators to efficiently monitor and manage their devices, charging behaviour, and energy in the charging infrastructure, all via an easy-to-use graphical web interface.

Take an EV charging station with a 30-kW solar facility as an example; operators would be able to manage charging devices from a single platform with optimized energy efficiency and operation costs by installing several AC/DC charging stations, energy storage systems, solar inverters, and station management software. Operators of subsidiary charging stations in commercial buildings could easily choose a similar hardware and software package to implement a system that only requires a higher capacity energy storage system. The solution could also be utilized to help optimize the building's energy efficiency. To facilitate this, Delta's management software provides a standard communication protocol that can be seamlessly integrated with existing building management systems.

Delta has been working in the power electronics industry for many years. We supply sophisticated technology for power energy conversion and have extensive experience with technologies related to environmental protection and energy conservation. The new EV Charging Infrastructure Solution is a one-stop software and hardware solution that addresses all the pain points that have arisen as public and private infrastructure make the transition to support EVs. Its tailor-made features ensure that it can meet the varying needs of EV drivers, charging point operators, system integrators, and power companies.

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News Source:Delta Electronics, Inc.