Renewable Energy

In response to the trend of environmental protection and carbon reduction, Delta has invested in the development of renewable energy solutions. Leveraging power conversion and control technology, Delta provides converters, inverters, and monitoring systems for wind and solar power generation systems. Aiming at generating highest green energy with highest energy efficiency, Delta’s renewable energy solution can help to accelerate energy transformation and to optimize operational efficiency for our customers.

Category List

Photovoltaic Inverter

Delta’s solar inverter product line is suitable for a wide range of applications. From solar systems on residential rooftop, commercial building integrated solar systems, industrial rooftops to megawatt-level solar plant applications, Delta provides various grid-tied string and central inverters for interacting with major solar modules.

• String Inverter
• Central Inverter
• Energy Storage System
• Monitoring System

Wind Power Converter

Delta’s state-of-the-art wind power converter solutions leverages our core competence in high-efficiency power electronics to support our customers’ megawatt-level wind power plants in key regions of the world such as Europe, China and Africa.