Taipei, Taiwan, Jan., 2019 -- Delta Electronics, Inc., a world leader in power systems technology and manufacturing, has introduced the newest and one of the most innovative additions to their Board Mounted DC/DC Power Converters… the Q54SJ, a series of 48V/54V nominal input, 10.8V output, isolated DC/DC converters, provides up to 1300W of output power. The size of the converters follow the DOSA industry quarter brick standard (2.30”x1.45”x0.48”).

The Q54SJ series operates from an input voltage range of 40V to 60V and is available for different output current levels to suit customer's requirement (92A and 121A). There is a built-in digital PWM controller in the converter, which is used to support output voltage feedback, PWM signal generation, fault protection, output voltage trim, on/off control and PMBusTM communications, and so on. With the digital control, many design and application flexibility, advanced performance, and higher reliability are obtained. The Q54SJ series can be connected in parallel directly for higher output power without adding external oring-FET. With optimized component placement and innovative design, Q54SJ series delivers not only outstanding electrical and thermal performance but also possesses industry leading efficiencies which translate into more board space for our customer's space constrained applications. The peak efficiency is up to 97.6%.

The Q54SJ series comes complete with a host of industry-standard features to insure that these power modules will reliably perform in the harshest environments of networking and/or datacenter applications. All modules are fully protected against abnormal input/output voltage, current, and temperature conditions. Optional heatsink is also available for more extreme thermal requirements.

Safety certifications include IEC/EN/UL/CSA 60950-1 & 62368-1 be recognized

Key features and benefits
‧ High efficiency (up to 97.6%)
‧ PMBus TM communications protocol (optional)
‧ Parallel operation
‧ No minimum load requirement

Relative Part Numbers and datasheet download
Q54SJ108A2NCDH (10.7V, 1300W)
Q54SJ10892NCDH (10.8V, 1000W)

Please contact regional sales representative or DCDC@deltaww.com for the availability of Q54SJ series converters. Stock is available depending on model and requested volume.

For more information about Delta's Board Mounted DC/DC Power Converters, please visit: http://www.deltaww.com/dcdc

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