DELmind inData⁺ AIoT Data Integration Platform, a Powerful Partner for the Continuous Process Industry

Continuous process is a highly automated and ongoing production method, which begins with the system automatically feeding raw materials into the machinery. Through a series of processing steps, including chemical reactions and physical transformations, the product is finally completed. The entire flow operates without interruption to ensure steady, consistent production. Continuous processes are commonly found in low-mix, high-volume industries, such as petrochemicals, steel, food and beverages, power generation, and others.
To achieve optimal productivity and quality, continuous process manufacturers often install fully automated equipment with high requirements for stability and safety to prevent unexpected machine downtime or malfunctions. These issues often lead to a halt in production, semi-finished product scrapping, and severe accidents. What’s more, continuous processes consume a lot of electricity. This compels enterprises to act on energy saving and carbon reduction measures for achieving Net Zero Emissions goals. In a nutshell, productivity, quality, safety, and energy efficiency are the challenges that customers are grappling with.
In large-scale continuous processing, data collection and integration are the keys to effectively managing these four essential challenges. While most industries have already implemented automation, a large amount of accumulated data is scattered across different systems. What’s worse, data cannot be exchanged and shared due to the various system providers and databases, resulting in information silos that greatly influence management efficiency and decision-making processes. To address this problem, DELmind, a Delta Group company, has introduced its self-developed inData+ AIoT Data Integration Platform with consulting services to assist continuous process manufacturers in establishing a fully integrated, highly efficient platform that maximizes the value of data.
Recently, DELmind has collaborated with a well-known petrochemical corporation in Taiwan and successfully implemented inData+ into chemical plants, integrating 2,000 critical data points in the production line. In addition, inData+ helps reduce sampling density time from 5 seconds to 1 second as well as equipment vibration time from 2 hours to a mere 1 second. Through a unified API interface, data analysis and AI applications are performed, significantly optimizing data quality. DELmind has also assisted chemical plants in adopting two AI modules to detect equipment operation and bearing wear status. Users can fulfill equipment lifecycles, and avoid production losses and accidents caused by unexpected shutdowns.
DELmind’s inData+ AIoT Data Integration Platform offers the following benefits:

  • Real-time monitoring & high integration
inData+ features millisecond-level data acquisition and open data management, assisting admins in controlling and monitoring the entire plant. It also supports various communication protocols, such as OPC DA Client, OPC UA, Modbus, and MQTT, to integrate diverse machines and establish a seamless IIoT system.
  • Hasse-free data storage and backup with a user-friendly interface
There are a great many data storage methods, depending on specific applications and requirements. Among all, SQL (Structured Query Language) and Non-SQL are two major types of databases. inData+ supports database connection, enabling simple data storage and backup. Additionally, the customized, intuitive interface comprehensively displays data that helps users manage the production process effectively.
  • Smart AI modues maximize data value
The inData+ R&D team has self-developed various smart AI modules. The PdM AI module detects equipment status for predictive maintenance. The Quality AI module identifies product defects and ensures quality through a vision system. The Green AI offers data transparency on equipment energy consumption. The Safety AI helps create a safe facility environment.

The inData+ AIoT Data Integration Platform offers outstanding features and consulting services that not only assist continuous process enterprises in building digital capabilities and establishing implementation steps, but also advise customers with suitable software and hardware based on their actual needs. It fully integrates various types of systems within the plant, facilitating data-driven, and new-generation production.

News Source:IABG MKT