Delta Modular Robot RS-M Series Receives the 2024 Taiwan Excellence Golden Award

Delta’s Modular Robot RS-M Series has recently received the Golden Award at the 32nd Taiwan Excellence Awards. With its unique features and stylish design, the RS-M Series prevailed over 469 companies and 948 products, signifying that the Delta industrial robot is well recognized by the global market. Delta continues to roll out more smart automation products and solutions with its solid experience and extensive industry know-how as it collaborates with customers to upgrade their smart manufacturing.  

Andy Liu, general manager of Delta’s Industrial Automation Group (IABG) stated, “Robots are essential systems in the smart manufacturing era. With years of advanced technology and proven integration capability, Delta has introduced its SCARA and Articulated Robots. In 2016, our SCARA Robot received the Taiwan Excellence Award, while in 2017 and 2018, our Articulated Robot was awarded the Taiwan Excellence Silver Award and iF Design Award separately. Delta’s brand-new Modular Robot RS-M Series leverages industrial robots’ high-speed and high-precision performance with collaborative ease of use for loading and unloading applications in electronics, machine tools, and logistics industries. In addition, the RS-M Series is equipped with multiple programming methods and supports various communication protocols for rapid software-hardware integration with peripheral devices, providing a total robot solution.”

Modular design is the distinctive feature of the Modular Robot RS-M Series, which integrates self-developed components including drive, motor, encoder, and brake in each joint. By combining modules in different sizes for customized dimensions and specifications, the RS-M Series is especially suitable for flexible applications, such as pick-and-place and machine tending. Delta dedicates great effort to fulfilling customer requirements as well as continuously expanding into more application fields.

The RS-M Series provides multiple programming methods enabling users to select different modes and edit robot language on teaching pendants, mobile devices, or PCs. It also features a compact, lightweight design and simple wiring for fast implementation on production lines. Regarding maintenance, traditional industrial robots often incur high labor and time costs. The RS-M Series addresses time-consuming and labor-intensive problems by replacing modules that also help manufacturers enhance flexibility and productivity.

News Source:IABG MKT