Delta Facilitates the Industry in Developing Digital Capabilities at Touch Taiwan 2023

With Smart Manufacturing Solutions for the Electronics Industry, Delta Continues to Pursue Sustainable Smart Manufacturing for a Changing World

Smart manufacturing and sustainability are important trends in modern manufacturing and the key to future competitiveness. Seeing the potential for innovations in automation, robotics, big data, IoT, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning, Delta continued its theme of Sustainable Smart Manufacturing for a Changing World at Touch Taiwan 2023. Connecting OT, edge, and IT layers and integrating machine-to-machine (M2M) and automation data or edge computing, Delta demonstrated the smart factory with 3D visualization management systems, smart manufacturing solutions for the electronics industry, IoT-based fundamentals, and other smart manufacturing solutions that would facilitate booth visitors in developing digital capabilities.

Delta validates its smart manufacturing solutions at its own production sites and accumulates successful experiences to standardize software platforms that integrate with smart equipment for production data collection. With the DIALink and system built-in setting modes, users can easily connect equipment information with Modbus, OPC, and other common industrial protocols for high integration and compatibility. With the edge layer, the Block Control System DIABCS and Equipment Automation Program DIAEAP are the systems to execute equipment data processing and transmission. They not only shut down equipment when anomalies occur but analyze data to offer the upper system with receive-and-use insights for workload reduction. Moreover, users can implement quality, equipment, production recipe management, storage and logistics, and other functional modules for the operation management system on the IT layer to meet the enterprise's actual requirements.

During Touch Taiwan 2023, Delta also attracted visitors with green smart manufacturing solutions, which integrate AI and the facility monitoring & control system (FMCS). The solutions adopt highly energy efficient products to achieve carbon emission reduction as well as offer digital transformation solutions for users. Adopting data centers, cloud-based computing, IoT, and other technologies to achieve traceability for product carbon footprints will ultimately achieve a sustainable ESG future with economic growth.

Besides the exhibits, Delta also promoted its consulting service at Touch Taiwan 2023, Based on its extensive manufacturing experience Delta can facilitate companies in figuring out the pain points they are facing and help them develop suitable strategies for a smooth transformation. The service also helps manufacturers economize time and manpower for system integration and communication between OT and IT layers and replicate the solutions at new plants for smart upgrade acceleration.

News Source:IABG MKT