Delta Showcases New 30kW Wireless Charging System and Automation Solutions for Next-Generation Warehousing and Logistics at ProMAT 2023

Delta, a world-class provider of power management and industrial automation solutions, today announced its participation at ProMAT 2023 from March 20th to 23rd. Delta will present its cutting-edge power systems and smart industrial automation solutions to boost the productivity and energy efficiency of e-forklifts, AGVs, conveyors, loading docks and other applications in the warehouses and logistics sector.  Key highlights include the brand new MOOVair 30kW Wireless Charging Systems, which is capable of charging large e-forklifts wirelessly with up to 95% efficiency; the Stationary and Wireless Chargers and Integrated Brushless DC Gearmotor for AGVs, and the 3D ToF Camera for robotic palletizing systems on loading docks.

Ares Chen, general manager of Delta Power and System Business Group, said, “For over five decades, Delta has leveraged its core competencies in high-efficiency power electronics and system integration to become a global leading provider of a wide spectrum of solutions for critical industries, such as IT, telecom, appliances, automotive and even aerospace. Moreover, we continuously invest over 8% of our revenues into innovative revolutionary technologies, such as these newly launched wireless charging systems for large industrial e-vehicles, that promise to be a game-changer for next-generation warehouses and logistics.”

Andy Liu, general manager of Delta Industrial Automation Business Group, said, “The fast-growing demand for automation in the logistics industry is a key megatrend that Delta is highly capable of fulfilling, especially given our technological prowess and extensive experience in enabling smart production lines and entire plants with our own solutions. From AGV/AMR, palletizing, and conveyance, to sorting, Delta integrates its comprehensive product portfolio to develop various smart solutions for a one-stop service. With the deployment of its Low-Speed e-Vehicle Motor Drives, Integrated Brushless DC Gearmotor, 3D ToF Camera, and more, Delta is shaping an intra-logistics future for the industry in response to the latest trends and to grasp business opportunities presented by new customer purchase behaviors.”

For large e-forklifts, Delta presents the new MOOVair 30kW Wireless Charging System and the Low Speed e-Vehicle Motor Drives. To power up the forklifts in a smarter way, the 30 kW Wireless Charging System adopts advanced contactless power transmission technology and has up to 95% peak efficiency when providing wireless charging for large e-vehicles. The system enables effective, fully unmanned charging over a gap of up to 150 mm for various batteries, sparing manpower, maintenance cost and connector wear. On the other hand, the compact Low Speed e-Vehicle Motor Drive BTD Series is launched to drive the e-forklifts with a higher efficiency. It features outstanding performance and strong drive capability. It is up to 16% smaller than similar models and supports various motors, including induction, hub, and permanent magnet synchronous motors. The BTD Series is also capable of HMI and GUI integration and has highly customizable software.

For small AGVs, Delta offers the MOOVair 1kW Wireless Charging System and the Burshless DC Gear Motors. The 1kW Wireless Charging System features an up to 20 mm airgap wireless power transfer and wall plug-to-battery efficiency of up to 93%. It is composed of a primary unit, which is connected to the AC supply, and a 1.5 kg lightweight onboard unit to charge all types of 24 V / 48 V batteries. Another highlight for AGV systems is the new Integrated Brushless DC Gearmotor. It combines a servo system, an encoder, and a reducer as an integrated motion drive solution for AGVs. With the coupling-free gearmotor design, it meets the demand for an AGV/AMR chassis that offers ease-of-assembly, high efficiency, and space-saving features.

During the ProMAT show, Delta will also demonstrate various automation solutions for loading docks, conveyors, sorting channels, and more. One of the highlighted innovative product is the new 3D ToF Camera DMV-T Series. It employs two sets of ToF sensors and a set of industry-level lenses to capture images and transform data into a depth map to help guide equipment. Featuring a processor highly integrated with smart computing capability, the DMV-T Series fits into the robot systems to achieve intelligence and is able to enhance palletizing speed and precision when applied to loading docks. By covering the whole process of intra-logistics, Delta offers faster, more convenient, and more orderly parcel flows with its smart logistics solutions to help logistics companies achieve digitization and gain competitive advantages.

We welcome you to visit Delta booth N7129 at the Robotic and Automation Solution Center during ProMAT 2023 from March 20th - 23rd, or learn more about Delta’s smart power and automation solutions for warehousing and logistics now with a simple click here.
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News Source:Delta Americas