Delta Electronics India and IABG Celebrate the New Year Together with a Thriving Business

At the end of 2022, Andy Liu, general manager of Delta's Industrial Automation Business Group (IABG), flew to India with the Delta management team and invited senior colleagues and long-term distribution partners, Lubi Electronics, to celebrate their remarkable performance in 2022. Following three years of the COVID-19 pandemic, a celebration banquet was specially arranged to thank Delta India employees for their effort and the distributor’s continuous support over the previous years. At the banquet, Andy Liu expressed his appreciation and support to the management team and senior staff with a cake-cutting ceremony, looking forward to a new year of resilience, prosperity, and outstanding performance. 

The pandemic has seriously impacted the Indian market over the past three years. However, the staff at Delta Electronics India continued thir dedicated efforts and continuous collaboration with customers., and finally outperformed their target by 119%, while surpassing their previous year’s target by 30%. This was just one of the significant milestones that Delta Electronics India accomplished. Manish Walia, the IABG India Business Head, cut the cake and praised the team at the celebration ceremony for achieving their target, and for their thriving business. Manish Walia also encouraged the team to stay motivated and committed in the competitive market and called for action to achieve their goals for the next stage. 

At the celebration banquet, Atul Adalja, the CEO of Lubi Electronics, one of the major distributors, was invited to give a speech and recount the solid partnership that Delta Electronics India has formed with Lubi, and the mutual efforts devoted to the Indian market over the past 25 years. This all started with the promotion of the M-Series Inverter, and incrementally encompassed PLCs, HMIs, and the ASDA Series Servo System from the Industrial Automation portfolio. Over the 25-year cooperation, revenue has since increased by 23 times . Most importantly, the business scope has expanded from Ahmedabad City in northwest India to the entire country. Aside from addressing the importance of developing industry applications with innovative products for expanding the business scope, Atul Adalja expressed gratitude for the team’s unflagging support and assistance and looked forward to the promising prospects of a sustainable business. 

Delta’s IABG management team held a staff recognition ceremony for senior staff. The BU/BD heads presented Certificates of Appreciation as well as Delta fountain pens engraved with the staff’s names. During the ceremony, the team took a moment to pay tribute to Manish Walia and his ongoing commitment to Delta over the past 15 years. With his leadership, the India IA team reached new heights successively in sales. In addition, the team played a video featuring Manish and senior staff sharing their on-the-job experiences with Delta Electronics India. The video sharing was a special moment for the Delta staff who participated in the event.   

As the banquet came to an end, Delta Electronics India Pvt Ltd Managing Director & VP of Sales, Niranjan Nayak, expressed his appreciation and concerns to the senior staff and the management team that came such a long way to celebrate the year-end festival and to set 2023 business strategies and objectives. He anticipated that this occasion could let the staff feel a sense of belonging and identification with the team. The celebration event ended in a collegial atmosphere after Niranjan Nayak finished his heartfelt speech. 


News Source:IABG MKT