Delta's Intelligent Drive CT2000 Series Creates a New Vision for Textile Machinery

Delta Industrial Automation presents the Intelligent Drive CT2000 Series to improve the performance of textile machines and help customers build simple machine structures while reducing cost.

In recent years, the trend for textile machinery upgrades is clearly increasing power consumption and costs for the industry, especially spinning machines. Traditional spinning machines often encounter high yarn breakage issues due to constant tension changes caused by ever-changing machine operation speeds.

What's more, traditional spinning machines usually do not have enough PLC communication ports and I/O ports. To solve this problem, users have to add an extra PLC, AC motor drive and HMI to the system, along with a big new cabinet to ensure the original system works. It takes more time and money for system upgrades when they become this complicated.

In an effort to help customers, Delta Industrial Automation has introduced the Intelligent Drive CT2000 which is designed for textile machinery. In real applications, the CT2000 has variable frequency control functions that help spinning machines perform better speed control. For instance, its dEb (Deceleration Energy Backup) function takes advantage of the regenerative power that occurs during braking to perform steady deceleration control, and achieving brake synchronization. When connected to a speed sensor, the CT2000 properly performs speed and steady brake synchronization control, greatly reducing yarn breakage caused by powering off and brake abnormalities.

The CT2000 has a built-in PLC (10k steps) for data calculation and transformation, and a MODBUS RS-485 master function easily builds a system network without an extra controller or communication device. It also has a text editing function for users to create a multi-phase operation interface for various speed control. Users no longer need to install an extra PLC, AC motor drive, HMI, or a new cabinet for the system upgrades, saving customers time and cost on construction and maintenance.

The CT2000 operates normally and reliably under severe conditions such as heat, humidity, dust, serious pollution, and high momentary voltage fluctuations, satisfying customer requirements. It's the perfect choice for textile machinery.

News Source:Delta IABG