Delta's Multi-axis Control Solution Brings Excellence and Precision to the Dutch Packaging Industry

Delta Industrial Automation over the years has continued to develop new products and build a variety of solutions for industrial applications worldwide. In the markets of Europe, customers appreciate attractive and refined merchandise packaging and wrapping. The market requires precise and highly functional packaging solutions to fulfill customer needs.

Delta Industrial Automation (IA) recently provided a multi-axis control solution for packaging machines for a food and beverage manufacturer in the Netherlands. The Dutch customer was seeking an improvement in the efficiency of the packaging process on its production lines, which meant an interpolation control solution with high speed communication and precise positioning. The customer also asked for a high-end automation solution that would deliver higher efficiency with fewer operators.

Delta IA provided twelve Advanced Servo Drive ASDA A2-E Series for multi-axis control systems to improve the packaging process, and three Intelligent Multiple Functions Micro Drive VFD-E Series for the variable frequency control of conveyers.

Delta’s ASDA A2-E series is an advanced AC servo drive with all the capabilities of the ASDA-A2 series, including 20-bit superior resolution encoder, built-in motion control functions, Electronic Cam function for mark tracing/positioning/synchronous control, high-speed Capture and Compare function for position latch and detection, and built-in full-closed loop control, plus an EtherCAT communication interface. The EtherCAT communication interface is widely applied in industry worldwide, and it supports faster, real-time, and more precise communication for high-end applications.

The ASDA A2-E series is perfect for applications that require pick-up/placing goods, such as from repository to conveyers for a packaging process, or for covering and sealing bottles. The ASDA A2-E series performs high-speed, precise and real-time multi-axis synchronous motion control in every process.

Delta IA also provided the VFD-E series for the variable frequency control of production line conveyers. The VFD-E series has abundant optional expansion modules, such as PG cards, high speed fieldbus, braking modules, and I/O card, and its modular design makes maintenance and repair easy. It also has a built-in EMI filter and RFI switch to minimize the electromagnetic interference and suppress noise, assuring conveyers operate steadily under required speed with the least power consumption.

The Dutch customer was delighted with Delta solution’s outstanding control, and its simple architecture and convenient maintenance. Delta IA shared this success story with global partners and customers at the IA Seminar during this year’s Hannover Messe held in April.

News Source:Delta IABG