Delta Dazzles Audiences with Online Virtual Expo Tours at Automation Taipei 2021 and Embraces the Future with “Digitized Automation for a Changing World”

From 11/5, every Friday at 2 pm, join Delta’s online tours on the YouTube Channel of Delta Industrial Automation to focus on process automation and machine implementation

Delta launched its Virtual Expo for Automation Taipei 2021 in October. The virtual expo breaks down barriers between offline and online and exhibits smart factory solutions, machine building and integration, process automation solutions, and automation products. Besides the virtual expo, Delta has arranged a series of online tours with professional speakers to expand audiences’ views of smart manufacturing. The online Delta Virtual Expo tours will focus on process and machine building implementation from 11/5. Every Friday at 2 pm, Delta will live stream on the YouTube Channel of Delta Industrial Automation to reveal how SCADA and the visualization management system help with process automation and lean production. In addition, Delta will showcase the fundamentals of building M2M (Machine-to-machine) and IIoT connectivity, and share its integrated one-stop platform that can help users implement smart machines as their first step towards the new era of smart manufacturing. For more information, please visit Delta Virtual Expo for Automation Taipei 2021: https://www.deltaww.com/event/AutomationTPE/.

Preparing for smart manufacturing, Delta has extracted lessons and experience from its production lines and client success stories. With a comprehensive plan of webinars, virtual expo, and the physical exhibition of Automation Taipei 2021, Delta looks forward to bringing principles and guidelines for manufacturers willing to upgrade, and helping them accelerate their migration into smart manufacturing. Delta thanks viewers in advance for their participation in this series of events. Audiences watching the online exhibition tours are encouraged to join the raffle. The more sections a viewer attends, the better chance of winning. Register now to gain an early advantage: http://iacommunication.deltaww.com/webinar/form.html.

From 11/5 to 12/3, every Friday at 2 pm sharp, Delta Industrial Automation will live stream on its YouTube channel to open the door to smart manufacturing with its entertaining and informative tours of the Delta Virtual Expo for Automation Taipei 2021.


  • 11/5 Adopting SCADA to Optimize the Process Automation for Cooling


SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) is an important part of process automation, which can help factory admins to operate intuitively, monitor and control in real-time, and enhance overall operational efficiency and safety. During the online tour of Delta Virtual Expo on 11/5, Delta will introduce VTScada, the SCADA system with a solid reputation and credibility in the process automation fields, and demonstrate how the system leverages its strong features on the water chiller system.


  • 11/12 Intuitive Operation for Visualized Lean Production


Continuing the visualization concept from last week, the online Delta Virtual Expo tour on 11/12 will focus on the DIAEnergie Industrial Energy Management System, DIAView SCADA, DIAMMP Manufacturing Management Platform, and the key products used in the systems. During the online tour, Delta will introduce the product features and share the benefits that they offer users. With the transparency of information and data analysis, factory admins can keep track of the equipment operational status and know the key factors influencing productivity that help achieve lean production management.


  • 11/19 Smart Products to Help HVAC Achieve Better Performance of Energy Saving


HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) is common in buildings and industrial environments. Energy management and central monitor and control systems can help save HVAC energy and enhance efficiency. During the online tour of Delta Virtual Expo on 11/19, Delta will go through the hardware architecture and software system to help the audience understand the core concepts of the HVAC solution.


  • 11/26 Digital Integration to Accelerate One-stop Implementation of Smart Machines


Delta watches industrial trends and sees that although many manufacturers are willing to upgrade their machines, they have no clue about getting started with all the complex options in the market. To solve this problem, Delta has introduced the integrated platform, DIAStudio Smart Machine Suite, which is a one-stop solution for machine implementation and integration.


  • 12/3 High Synergy to Grasp the Opportunities of Material Processing


After the 8-week tour of the Delta Virtual Expo, audiences will have a deeper understanding of Delta's smart manufacturing solutions and products. In the last week, to show the synergy capacity, Delta will demonstrate the solutions integrating software systems and hardware, including control, servo drive, and others. Merging OT and IT will open up a new chapter for material processing industries.

Digitization, automation, and intelligence are familiar concepts for most manufacturers. However, there are always smaller scale manufacturers that would like to upgrade for overall improvements but are stuck due to a lack of resources and information. As a promoter and a practitioner of smart manufacturing, Delta has put effort into solution and product development and continuously summarizes its experiences to share with the industry. These actions expand the ecosystem for smart manufacturing and help allies embrace the future of “Digitized Automation for a Changing World.”

News Source:IABG MKT