Delta Launches a Virtual Expo for Automation Taipei 2021 to Demonstrate “Digitized Automation for a Changing World” Online in the Post-pandemic Era

From 10/8 to 12/3, every Friday at 2 pm, join our online tour on the YouTube Channel of Delta Industrial Automation

With the inevitable trend towards smart manufacturing, Delta took the lead at the Taipei International Automation Exhibition 2021 (Automation Taipei 2021) with a series of webinars in August to introduce how a smart and high-efficiency factory might operate in the future. The webinars attracted the wide attention of relevant parties in the industry and received numerous registrations, and interest remains high. To embrace the new normal in the post-pandemic era, Delta is launching a Virtual Expo for Automation Taipei 2021. Those who are interested can avoid the crowds and still attend a smart manufacturing expo. Delta will break the physical boundaries to present nine professional online exhibition tours that showcase Delta’s smart factory, machine and process automation solutions, and outstanding products. With the virtual platform, Delta is joining forces with visitors to grasp opportunities for smart manufacturing upgrades.

Along with the launch of the Delta Virtual Expo for Automation Taipei 2021, the Delta Industrial Automation Business Group (IABG) will also present a series of online exhibition tours over two months. From 10/8 to 12/3, every Friday at 2 pm sharp, Delta will live stream on the YouTube channel of Delta Industrial Automation to reveal highlights from the Delta Virtual Expo and bring limited content for live streaming. To show its appreciation for the participation in the series of events for Automation Taipei 2021, Delta will prepare a raffle for the audiences watching the online exhibition tours. Attending more sessions will give viewers a better chance of winning. To gain a preemptive advantage, register for the online exhibition tours of the Delta Virtual Expo for Automation Taipei 2021, and find out more about “Digitized Automation for a Changing World.” For more information, please visit Delta Virtual Expo for Automation Taipei 2021: https://www.deltaww.com/event/AutomationTPE/


  • 10/8 ~ 10/29 Factory Upgrades for Smart Manufacturing


In the first month of the online exhibition tours of the Delta Virtual Expo for Automation Taipei 2021, Delta will focus on Factory Automation (FA) solutions and uncover the mysteries of smart upgrades for electronics manufacturing by guiding audiences into its smart production line. Delta will also introduce critical factors for digital transformation, virtual-physical integration, and cloud services, and elaborate the features of edgeMES for Machine Making and cloud-based DIASPC Statistical Process Control System. In addition to presentations of smart sensors, machine vision, and other field devices, Delta will demonstrate a smart future for the electronic assembly industry.

(Session information: 10/8 Walking in Delta to Uncover the Mysteries of Electronics Manufacturers’ Smart Upgrades; 10/15 Cloud-based Service to Accelerate Digital Transformation; 10/22 Virtual-Physical Integration for Smart Manufacturing; 10/29 Field Devices to Open up the Smart Manufacturing Future)


  • 11/5 ~ 11/26 Digital Integration for Process Automation


Following the topics from the previous month, Delta will take the audience to explore Process Automation (PA) and Machine Automation (MA). In addition, Delta will share the details of its water chiller and HVAC solutions with the deployment of the VTScada SCADA System and visual management and demonstrate how they help customers achieve the goals of lean manufacturing and saving energy. Delta sees that many manufacturers are willing to upgrade their machines but are stepping back due to the complexity of models and operation. Delta’s DIAStudio Smart Machine Suite is a one-stop solution that will help manufacturers overcome challenges in different phases of smart machine implementation.

(Session information; 11/5 Adopting SCADA to Optimize the Process Automation for Cooling; 11/12 Intuitive Operation for Visualized Lean Production; 11/19 Smart Products to Help HVAC Achieve Better Performance of Energy Saving; 11/26 Digital Integration to Accelerate One-stop Implementation of Smart Machines) 


  • 12/3 Smart Application for Industrial Business Opportunities


Before the grand opening of the physical exhibition of Automation Taipei 2021, the online exhibition tour of the Delta Virtual Expo is also entering its last week. In the final session, Delta will demonstrate the results of its high synergy capabilities. With the integration of smart products from different business units, Delta builds comprehensive and flexible solutions for machine tools and rubber and plastic industries to help customers grasp the opportunities of smart manufacturing.

(Session information: 12/3 High Synergy to Grasp the Opportunities of Material Processing)

A wave of smart manufacturing has rapidly altered many industries. To ride this wave, it is imperative to upgrade and transform. As there are many solutions in the market that easily dazzle manufacturers, Delta generalizes its own experience and customer success stories of overcoming challenges at different stages and introduces multiple solutions for a wide range of scenarios. By holding a series of events, including webinars and the Virtual Expo for Taipei Automation 2021, Delta looks forward to helping wait-and-see manufacturers take their first step and embrace the future of “Digitized Automation for a Changing World.”

News Source:IABG MKT