Delta’s LINE Account Releases Industrial Automation Menu for Convenient Resource Search

Delta’s official LINE account has released the Industrial Automation (“IA”) Menu in Mandarin! The IA Menu aggregates extensive information on Delta IA websites, YouTube videos, and services, and promptly directs users to the resources needed with sorted options. To explore IA information, you just need to join the Delta Official Account, as well as subscribe to IA broadcast messages to receive the latest news.

The IA Menu consists of sections that include the latest news, a download center, product and solution information, sales services and FAQs. A web version with product selection and a sales service tool will soon be introduced to optimize the user experience. In addition to comprehensive information, the menu does preliminary sorting, making the search for resources even more convenient. For example, when you select ‘Videos,’ popular video categories pop up in the chat room. It takes just a few clicks to navigate the tutorial, webinar, and video content.

You can now enjoy the following resources with the IA Line Menu and IA broadcast message subscription:

  • Latest news: Subscribe to IA broadcast message to regularly receive the latest news. If you want to dig in more, check out Delta’s IA eNews by selecting the ‘Latest News’ section in the IA Menu.
  • Product & solution information: Know more about how Delta leverages its comprehensive portfolio to build integrated industry solutions. Or select the ‘Download Center’ button in the menu to download the latest catalogs, dimension diagrams, and more.
  • Videos: Check out IA’s tutorial and webinar videos, or go to IA’s YouTube channel to explore more.
  • Sales services and troubleshoot: Want to know more about a product? Have technical issues or in need of sales services? Select the ‘Sales Services’ button, and you’ll be guided to suitable resources. You can also search for error codes and FAQs in the ‘FAQ’ section.

Scan the QR Code below or join the Delta Official LINE Channel to enjoy convenient services and abundant information!

News Source:IABG MKT Dept.