Delta Holds Family Day at Chungli Plant 5 to Thank Employees and Their Families for the Past Five Decades

The attendees took a historical tour of the Special Anniversary Exhibition, Flagship Showroom, and the 8K Lab to learn more about “Sustainable Conservation & Nurturing Life” for a better future

Founded in 1971, Delta has grown over the past half-century from a 15-person factory to a global company with tens of thousands of employees. Looking back on its path, the management team has remained true to its vision while every single employee has been dedicated to pursuing brilliance. On its 50th anniversary, Delta looks forward to continuously leveraging its technological capabilities to achieve the goal of “Influencing 50, Embracing 50”. On top of that, in celebrating this milestone, Delta expresses gratitude to its employees and their supportive families. As Delta’s biggest plant in Taiwan, Chungli Plant 5 was completed and put to use earlier in 2021. Delta invited employees and their families to this newest plant for Family Day. During the event, the employees and their families visited Delta’s 50th-anniversary special exhibition to understand how Delta embraces the past and welcomes the future with “Sustainable Conservation & Nurturing Life”. The tours of the brand new flagship showroom and the 8K Lab provided an immersive experience as employees from different business groups and their families explored the history of Delta and learned about its leading technologies.

Delta’s 50th Anniversary Family Day took place on 8/28 and 8/29. The event started with speeches from company executives. Both Mr. Bruce Cheng, the Founder & Honorary Chairman, and Mr. Yancey Hai, the Chairman of Delta, thanked the employees for their dedication and looked forward to the next 50 years together. At the 8K Lab, the employees and their families viewed the 3D display in 8K resolution without the need of a 3D projector. They were impressed by the vivid details, high image resolution, and the next-level immersive experience. Meanwhile, at the brand new flagship showroom, Delta demonstrated the brilliant products of its eight business groups: the IABG, PSBG, ICTBG, EISBG, BABG, EVSBG, FMBG, and CPBG. By taking the tour, the employees learned more about corporate development while family members had a chance to understand what their dependents did at work. In particular, the IABG demonstrated its smart factory solution for electronics manufacturers, which responds to the trend of smart manufacturing, and its vision of Digitized Automation for a Changing World, which caught the eyes of everyone in the showroom.

Back in the lobby of Chungli Plant 5 for Delta's 50th Anniversary Special Exhibition with the theme of Sustainable Conservation & Nurturing Life, the employees and their families embarked on a journey through Delta's history. The first to come into view was the industrial robot from IABG, which used its vertical articulated robot arm to usher the visitors through 20 different arrangements of the theme both horizontally and with rotations. It then led employees and their families to see the Outline section featuring 50 Delta milestones over the past half-century.

In the Business Section, Delta showed its leading energy-efficient technologies, sustainable business philosophies, and ESG practices through three dimensions, including Environmental (environmental and energy conservation), Social (social engagement), and Governance through the connection between Delta's products and people's daily lives. In the Design and Culture sections, the employees and their families went through Delta's business mindset and knowledge, and the appreciation of the synergies between design and carbon reduction. Exploring Delta's past and future, the employees and their families then walked through the Delta Origins and Delta Action sections. Here on display were core critical technologies from the '70s and '80s. In addition, it introduced Delta’s collaborations with NGOs and the National Museum of Marine Science & Technology for the coral restoration and ocean diversity initiative. Last but not least, at the end of Family Day, Delta shared its vision as well as its gratitude to partners, internal teams, and their dependents. Delta thanked them for their support over the past 50 years, which has enabled Delta's growth.

The 50th Anniversary Exhibition took place at Delta's Chungli Plant 5. Delta's employees, partners, and members of the public were all welcome. Delta also encourages everyone to join the online exhibition to embrace the past and welcome the future with Delta.

News Source:IABG MKT