Delta’s New Compact Drive MS300 Series Continues the Legacy of the “Mini” Variable Speed AC Motor Drive VFD-M Series

Looking back at the ‘90s, Taiwanese manufacturers gradually started to embrace automation. At that time, the market was filled with imported equipment with much from Japan. As a leading electronics manufacturer, Delta was transforming its factories and noticed that the imported devices were very pricey and lacked local customer service. For example, a one-kilowatt frequency converter would cost 10 to 20 thousand New Taiwanese Dollars. By gaining a deeper insight into the market needs of the time, the management team of Delta raised the idea of working on self-developed machines, which put the Company on the path of industrial automation.

Entering a new field, Delta began its journey with frequency converter products. It refined research on mainstream products and integrated insights to create a strategy with an early focus on the markets of Taiwan and Mainland China. In an environment different from today’s market, Delta stood out from a market dominated by international brands by delivering high-performance products at relatively accessible prices. Over years of effort, Delta condensed its experience and introduced the Variable Speed AC Motor Drive VFD-M Series in 1997. It was named the “Mini” and was designed to offer medium-heavy power in a small size. With its compact design, numerous pilot tests were run to overcome the challenge of heat dissipation. The series met the requirements of Taiwan’s large market of small and medium factories. Delta also leveraged its advantages as a local brand to offer quick response customer services and help solve customer problems by visiting onsite applications. From product to service, Delta showed its determination to develop industrial automation.

Delta’s Variable Speed AC Motor Drive VFD-M Series has been available in the market for 23 years. It has become an all-time favorite and sold over 5 million units worldwide. Over the years, the series has gained recognition for durability and contributed to the expansion of Delta’s Industrial Automation Business Group (IABG). The IABG team has grown from 5 or 6 members to hundreds while the business focus has shifted from components to smart manufacturing, and now offers software and hardware integration solutions. Although the Variable Speed AC Motor Drive VFD-M Series is still capable of many applications, Delta is looking ahead to current trends and opportunities for the future. To help customers seize new opportunities and to explore the high-end market segment, Delta has retired the Variable Speed AC Motor Drive VFD-M Series and launched the Compact Drive MS300 Series to continue the legacy in its place.

Delta’s Compact Drive MS300 Series inherits the advantages of the Variable Speed AC Motor Drive VFD-M Series, such as a compact design and all the other features of its predecessor. It helps users save space and upgrade seamlessly, while optimizing performance and reliability. The series offers enhanced power density and supports open-loop control of IM and PM motors. The Compact Drive MS300 Series also provides a high-frequency output of 1,500Hz and a built-in PLC for simple programming needs. It makes up for shortcomings of the Variable Speed AC Motor Drive VFD-M Series and fulfills the requirements for high torque force, high precision, and high-speed applications. A wide range of applications include machine tools, textile machines, wood-working machines, packing machines, electronic manufacturing, wind turbines, water pumps, and air compressors.

Communication and connecting capabilities have become critical for automation development. Delta has introduced the Compact Drive MS300 Series for the digital age. It features a built-in RS-485 (Modbus) and various communication card options, including CANopen, DeviceNet, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, PROFIBUS DP and MODBUS TCP for the latest requirements. Delta also offers the Basic Compact Drive ME300 Series and the High-performance Compact Drive MH300 in its product portfolio to respond to diverse applications. As it moves to smart manufacturing, Delta is ready to win new business opportunities with customers.

News Source:IABG MKT