Infineon’s CoolGaN™ delivers ultimate efficiency and reliability to telecom power applications

Delta’s Telecom Power Solutions have built an unparalleled track record in the global market, especially by enabling lower energy consumption and CO2 emissions in 4G and the next-generation 5G telecommunications, We have achieved that success by collaborating with Infineon to develop our solutions. Infineon’s GaN devices are qualified according to JEDEC standards, offering lifetimes beyond 15 years, and are a perfect fit for industrial telecom and server SMPS. The CoolGaN 600 V e-mode HEMT in the DFN8x8 package is a key component in Delta’s DPR 3000E EnergE rectifiers enabling an industry-leading energy efficiency of 98 percent. With that, Delta’s rectifiers can heavily support the nascent 5G telecom networks of the world’s leading telecom carriers across the globe. Moreover, Infineon’s CoolGaN chips deliver excellent performance to Delta’s 3000E rectifiers, which boast industry-leading efficiency up to 98 percent and an outstanding power density of 56.8 W/in³. It provides high performance while consuming little energy.

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News Source:Delta Electronics