Come Learn about Delta's Smart Equipment for Advanced Electronics Manufacturing Online!

Delta's smart equipment is ready to impress you again in November! This month, we went online to share our industrial robots with conveyor tracking functions and insertion machines to help build more advanced electronics production lines. For our follow-up webinars in November, Delta will present two more advanced machines for the electronics industry:

Nov. 13th – PCB Router Machine: This fully automatic in-line depaneling machine features a stress feedback function to depanel a PCB sheet and ensure accuracy and intactness. It also adopts Delta's machine vision system with OPT light source for precise workpiece positioning, compensation and correction. The PCB Router Machine guarantees smooth and accurate operation and is a perfect choice for PCB depaneling.

Nov. 27th – Winding Machine: Adopting motion control systems to control high-speed motor rotation, the Winding Machine provides complete winding for electronics workpieces with metal wires. During the process, metal wire is wound onto an inductance coil, and is often applied to motors, rotors, stators, chip inductors, transformers and electromagnetic valves. Delta will share multiple winding machines for different applications during the online event that enable you to achieve high-speed, high precision, and high-quality winding for electronics manufacturing.

All the sessions will be hosted in Chinese. Please visit our event site for more information. We also invite you to go to our Delta Industrial Automation YouTube channel and subscribe to find out about more smart manufacturing topics.

News Source:IABG MKT Dept.