Smart Building Integration Service

Delta's smart building integration service team provides customers with one-stop building control solutions and services from design, planning, procurement, engineering, and maintenance.

Collaborating with subsidiaries such as LOYTEC, Delta Controls, VIVOTEK, and March Networks, as well as various business groups, Delta's building control integration solution integrates air conditioning, lighting, mechatronics, security, access control, and energy management system to achieve cross-system intelligent link-up. It can integrate charging solutions, photovoltaic power generation systems, energy storage systems, and others, for a complete low-carbon building solution that addresses building automation, energy saving, and microgrid.

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Solution Introduction

Reduce management manpower and easy maintenance with intelligent automation

  • Fully automatic intelligent control of air-conditioning equipment, automatic alarm and display of AI guidance when anomalies occur
  • Improves maintenance and operation efficiency and optimizes building life cycles

One-stop building control integration solutions and services

  • Full range of building control services such as consulting, design and planning, applications, execution and maintenance
  • Integration of subsystems lowers construction costs
  • Delta-made products simplify system integration

Cloud action management, real-time monitoring of operation status

  • Web-based/Cloud-ready management interface, convenient for administrators to access anytime anywhere
  • Single management platform to view cross-system and cross-regional building group management information

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