Delta’s DIASECS Solution Powers Semiconductor Equipment Communication and Control

Chips are the driving force behind the Internet of Things, which has led to today’s skyrocketing demand for semiconductor equipment. Drawing on 12 years of experience in semiconductor equipment communication integration, Delta has developed the DIASECS Semiconductor Equipment Communication and Control Application Software to offer an easy-to-use, easy-to-implement, and easy-to-update semiconductor equipment solution. DIASECS is helping a Taiwanese semiconductor packaging equipment manufacturer, IslandTek, implement SECS/GEM standards and reduce their software development costs by 80%.

The SECS/GEM standard (Note 1), established by the Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI), aims to unify communication between a variety of factory equipment. SECS/GEM is a highly complex communication protocol that requires lengthy and laborious development, sometimes taking up to three years. Furthermore, version updates may waste previous efforts, lack of expertise may lead to rework, and its complexity may hamper decision-making.

DIASECS is Delta's comprehensive solution for semiconductor equipment communication and control. With its robust function library and user-friendly standardized models, DIASECS makes implementing SECS/GEM standards effortless. This solution effectively tackles challenges such as complex manufacturing processes, diverse field-level equipment, and information integration. There are four options for different usage scenarios: the DIASECS Driver Library, DIASECS-GEM Library, DIASECS-GEM Runtime, and DIASECS-GEM Box.

As the key driver for software and hardware integration, DIASECS empowers semiconductor equipment manufacturer IslandTek to integrate equipment, control, and information layers. At the core of this solution is the DIASECS-GEM Box communication converter, which is equipped with a built-in SECS-GEM Runtime execution system. Electrical control engineers can easily implement SECS/GEM standards through PLC I/O setting and ID mapping to integrate equipment and upper-level system communication without additional coding.

At the equipment and control layers, the Delta Standard Compact Drive MS300 Series and Compact Modular Mid-range PLC AS Series are installed respectively. With just one click, the original TCP/IP signal can be converted to meet the SECS-GEM standard. Doing so enables equipment communication with upper-level systems such as the Delta Equipment Automation Program DIAEAP and Manufacturing Execution System DIAMES. This feature achieves comprehensive data exchange while helping management gain control over key production information.

The DIASECS Solution offers the following benefits:

 Ready to use out of the box: DIASECS integrates the latest SECS/GEM standards and is compatible with PLCs of various brands. Users can easily implement SECS/GEM standards through system settings, eliminating the need for programming and significantly reducing deployment time.

 Highly efficient transmission speed: DIASECS fully complies with SEMI standards and boasts efficient communication capabilities, with message transmission rates of up to 300 times per second. API interfaces enable quick implementation through system configuration. With message simulation tools, DIASECS boosts software developers’ workflow efficiency.

● Data traceability enabled by upper-level system integration: DIASECS simultaneously records raw data and SML logs for accurate data analysis. Combined with upper-level systems such as DIAEAP and DIAMES, it integrates key equipment information to enable production line quality management.

Leveraging Delta's extensive expertise in semiconductor equipment communication, DIASECS navigates challenges like workforce shortages and complex information integration. The solution has enabled semiconductor equipment manufacturer IslandTek to establish automated production lines. Moreover, it is embraced by 30+ clients across various industries, including semiconductor, printed circuit board, and electronic component assembly equipment manufacturing.

Note 1: SECS stands for Semiconductor Equipment Communications Standard, and GEM stands for Generic Equipment Model, which signifies a generic model of manufacturing behavior.

News Source:IABG MKT