Fast Charging Anywhere! Delta USB Socket Outlets Offered at Taipei and Taichung Metro Stations

Charging mobile devices such as cell phones, pads, or smartwatches on the go is part of our daily lives now. In addition to carrying around power banks, utilizing charging stations is another lifesaver. Most charging stations feature sockets with AC ports only, which means users cannot charge their mobile devices without adapters. To facilitate the charging process, Delta launched the new 60W and 20W USB dual port socket outlets. Among all, the 60W USB-A+C type has been installed to all 117 stations of Taipei Metro and 18 stations of Taichung Metro recently to upgrade the charging service for all passengers.

Delta 60W Type-A+C socket outlets are now accessible across all stations of the Taipei Metro

Isaac Lin, General Manager of Notebook Adapter Business Unit, said that Delta had seen a rising trend of manufacturers adopting USB-C ports to new electric appliances and mobile devices. This upward trend is irreversible as the European Union will enforce the new law which demands most electronic devices across the region apply USB-C ports by the end of 2024. That’s why Delta decided to leverage its experience with external adapter development to launch high-efficiency USB PD dual port socket outlets, which feature USB-A+C and USB-C+C. The collaboration with the Taipei Metro and the Taichung Metro is another testament to the high quality of the new products, which are expected to contribute to the future expansion of potential business in years to come.

Delta 60W Type-A+C socket outlets at the Wenxin Yinghua station of the Taichung Metro.

Delta dual port socket outlets offers three models: 20W USB-A+C, 60W USB-A+C, and 60W USB-C+C. These socket outlets can be installed in residential areas and public spaces such as airports, coffee shops, and offices. Users can easily charge cell phones, smartwatches, tablets, and even laptops with one cable only. The two 60W models feature a modular design, which allows AC ports to be retained partially or to be replaced completely while the 20W Asian model can be accommodated with 2 AC ports. The USB ports adopt the PD charging protocol to allow fast charging from 0 - 50% for iPhone 15 large-capacity models within 30 minutes. The 60W types can even support direct charging for notebooks with the Type-C port. The socket outlets also feature 92% efficiency, meaning when consuming 100W electricity to charge mobile devices, only 8W will be wasted during the process, lowering unnecessary power loss.

The USB dual-port socket outlets are available in the optional colors of black, white, and gray. Paired with diverse socket covers, the outlets offer aesthetically decorative selections to consumers. Modular design, another feature of the outlets, allows users to install easily into existing sockets, sparing additional wiring. Their safety is further ensured with the five major circuit protections plus other safety and fire prevention standards.

Delta USB dual port socket outlets feature three optional colors, a wide range of cover selections, and up to 20W or 60W output, fulfilling various demands of consumers.


News Source:PSBG_MKT