Delta Solutions Accelerate Low Carbon Digital Transformation at the Smart Manufacturing Taiwan and Electronic Equipment Exhibition 2024

The Smart Manufacturing Taiwan and Electronic Equipment Exhibition 2024 came to a close on April 26th. With the theme of “Digitized Manufacturing for an Innovative Future,” Delta exhibited a variety of smart manufacturing solutions and high-performance equipment empowered by AI and digital twin software to help manufacturers optimize efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. The highlights included equipment with digital twin and solutions for electronics assembly, warehouse and logistics. The exhibits attracted attendees from various fields to Delta’s booth and received much praise and recognition.
For electronics assembly, Delta exhibited the Smart Manufacturing Solutions for the Electronics Assembly Industry DIAMOM, which establishes equipment networking to acquire and integrate efficiently a wide range of production data. Managers can remotely access the real-time production progress via a visualized monitoring center. With the aid of the AIoT Equipment Automation Program Platform, the production line can conduct predictive diagnosis and achieve fast changeover, quality inspection and exception handling. Furthermore, automated factories and warehouses can deploy Smart Intra-Logistics Solutions to streamline physical operations such as receiving, stacking, transport, picking and dispatch efficiently with software and hardware integration.
In terms of smart equipment, Delta showcased the Digital Twin Solutions that feature the Virtual Machine Development Platform DIATwin and the Robot-Based Transformable Machine RTM. The solutions equip machines with powerful simulation software that enables manufacturers to complete parameter and process adjustment in a virtual platform before configuring the equipment without down time losses. To address the pain points in electronics assembly, the live demos of the Smart Insertion Machine and Press-fit Machine featured a series of smart functions that enhance yield rate and preserve data configurations. The attendees and Delta staff discussed the demos enthusiastically while observing the synchronized operation of virtual and real machines on a precise simulation interface.
In addition, as carbon pricing regulations are being enforced around the world, Delta’s SCADA System VTScada and Smart Green Factory Solutions garnered much attention and inquiries during the exhibition. Delta’s Smart Green Factory Solutions controls multiple facilities and monitors energy consumption with a highly integrated platform empowered by AI, which assists manufacturers in planning energy saving projects and accelerates carbon reduction. With its smart green manufacturing solutions, Delta is dedicated to help factories achieve both sustainability and high-performance.

News Source:IABG MKT