Delta Hot Foil Stamping Solution Boosts Process Efficiency and Precision

In the pursuit of quality product packaging, hot stamping with gold foil has emerged as a popular technique. It adds a dazzling touch to printed materials such as logos, advertisements, and wine boxes. This technique captivates consumers' attention and helps products stand out. Hot stamping utilizes the temperature and pressure of molds to transfer electrochemical aluminum onto surfaces, offering a spectrum of colors including gold, silver, and other vibrant hues.

The Delta Hot Foil Stamping Machine Solution boosts process efficiency, greatly enhancing stamping precision and material utilization. Easy operation is a key benefit of the solution, with simplified adjustment steps and a comprehensive alarm mechanism. Delta’s solution addresses the shortcomings of existing systems, such as inaccurate material positioning, low material utilization rates leading to wastage, and time-consuming machine adjustment.

By integrating an array of in-house products, the Delta Hot Foil Stamping Solution provides a complete solution, from equipment and control to information layers. At the equipment level, the Delta Standard AC Servo System ASDA-B3 Series deals with hot stamping processes such as unwinding and traction, ensuring synchronized servo operation with a 1ms cycle for enhanced accuracy. At the control layer, the Delta PC-Based Motion Controller AX-8 Series supports the CODESYS platform for easy development. With the AX-8 Series, high-precision position control is achieved. It entails a two-stage positioning speed, starting fast and then slowing down. The material is transported to the target position, where it is stamped by the foiling die. As for the information level, the Delta Human Machine Interface DOP-100 Series offers an intuitive platform for quick parameter adjustment and customizable alarm settings.

The Delta Hot Foil Stamping Solution offers the following benefits:

● Enhanced foil stamping precision and quality
The Delta PC-Based Motion Controller AX-8 Series achieves a stamping precision of ±0.15 mm at a speed of 4500 sheets per hour, ensuring stable accuracy even during the equipment acceleration and deceleration phases. By incorporating an averaging algorithm to process color mark data, the solution reduces printing errors caused by color mark inaccuracies.

● Advanced stepping algorithm to boost material utilization
Stepping algorithms optimize material usage by calculating the required length for each cycle based on product specifications, maximizing material efficiency. The Delta Hot Foil Stamping Solution has optimized stepping algorithms in C#, and seamlessly integrates it with the PC-Based Motion Controller AX-8 Series, delivering enhanced material utilization.

● Simplified adjustment and maintenance
The solution provides user-friendly manual adjustment, streamlining operations and maintenance tasks. It also enables one-click machine disabling, allowing for timely adjustment of issues such as material misalignment. With the intuitive HMI DOP-100 Series, users can easily adjust parameters such as material running speed and conveyor control, ensuring easy equipment maintenance and hassle-free operation.

Clients experience a big leap in process efficiency by adopting the Delta Hot Foil Stamping Solution. Delta enhances stamping precision through advanced control systems and sophisticated algorithms while boosting material utilization rates. With simplified operation processes and comprehensive alarm features, Delta continues to set the bar higher for manufacturing across industries.

News Source:IABG MKT