Delta Real-Time Data Monitoring Solution for Semiconductor Parts Cleaning Plant

In an age where data is the new gold, semiconductor supply chains are seeking more intuitive and integrated data monitoring solutions. To achieve scientific management and precise resource allocation, efficient data collection is a prerequisite. With extensive digital factory experience, Delta has helped a semiconductor parts cleaning company in Taiwan integrate equipment data and management software, achieving real-time equipment status monitoring, alarm notification, and quality management.

In the semiconductor parts cleaning plant, there are various types of equipment, such as chemical tanks, circulating water systems, sandblasters, thermal spraying machines, laboratory instruments, air compressors, and more. However, signal collection is challenging due to varying communication protocols. Additionally, manual monitoring is necessary, which often results in inefficiencies. For instance, in cases where the pH level of the cleaning solution does not meet the required standards, human intervention is needed. The Delta Real-Time Data Monitoring Solution solves the problem by remotely monitoring plant equipment and planning an integrated measurement procedure. The solution seamlessly connects different devices and sensors and instantly transmits data to the upper-level management software for decision-making based on the quality control requirements of the plant.

The Delta Real-Time Data Monitoring Solution powerfully integrates the OT and IT of the factory, enabling remote and real-time monitoring from the equipment layer to the information management layer. At the equipment layer, the Industrial Network Communication Module IFD9506 converts signals, allowing for seamless equipment connection. Sensors play an important part in capturing real-time equipment data, including temperature, flow rate, pH value, pressure, water resistance, and other critical data. At the information layer, the combination of SCADA System VTScada and the DIASPC Statistical Process Control System form a mobile command center. VTScada offers an intuitive visualization interface and a comprehensive driver library that can connect to industrial sensors of various brands within the factory. DIASPC is responsible for collecting real-time quality information and issuing alarms, thereby improving production quality.

Delta Real-Time Data Monitoring Solution offers the following benefits:  

  • IIoT smart networking enables timely and quality decisions
By integrating OT and IT layers to monitor production line information and quality data, data monitoring capabilities are greatly enhanced.
  • Remote real-time monitoring boosts workflow efficiency
VTScada enables management personnel to remotely monitor critical equipment information, saving time on various workshop inspections and manual data collection. Furthermore, the automated feature eliminates human errors in data collection.
  • Instant feedback improves troubleshooting
VTScada and DIASPC at the information layer automatically integrate equipment status and production quality information that was previously difficult to obtain. Alarm notifications can be promptly delivered through multiple channels for immediate action, including Line, WeChat, email, voice calls, and visual dashboards.

The Delta Real-Time Data Monitoring Solution connects the equipment, communication, and information layer, creating an interwoven smart factory. This solution significantly enhances data collection and analysis efficiency while ensuring product quality. The highly integrated solution not only advances existing manufacturing processes but also paves the way for the digital transformation of factories.


News Source:IABG MKT