2024 Smart Manufacturing Webinars: Charting the Path to Sustainability with Low-Carbon Manufacturing

Production costs are soaring amid rapid supply chain reshuffling, manufacturing workforce shortages, and carbon pricing policies. To remain resilient, the manufacturing industry is targeting high productivity and low energy consumption with highly automated flexible production. 2024 marks a crucial time for the manufacturing industry to transform intelligently, achieve carbon reduction, and implement ESG measures.

In response to global industry trends, Delta is introducing its 2024 Smart Manufacturing Webinars, which will focus on "Charting the Path to Sustainability with Low-Carbon Manufacturing". Various smart manufacturing solutions are covered, ranging from equipment automation, production line upgrades, to factory management. The first webinar series starts with factory energy monitoring systems to reduce carbon emissions, which lays the foundation work for green smart manufacturing. The second webinar series showcases how Delta applies its expertise to high-efficiency machinery and electronics production lines, building virtually and physically integrated production lines to reduce development and management costs. In the third webinar series, Delta demonstrates the powerful integration of advanced motion control with equipment networking configuration, which paves the way for high-tech, high-precision, and high production value manufacturing. Explore with Delta the know-how of smart manufacturing and a sustainable future.

Under carbon pricing policies, energy management upgrades in factories have become an urgent issue. In Delta’s first webinar series this year, we focus on Digital Technology for Green Factories. Delta's experts share success cases of smart factory energy management solutions, which utilize SCADA systems and integrated meters to monitor energy consumption and provide visualization insights in real time. In Delta’s fluid solutions for HVAC, fans, and pumps, the direct drive architecture and energy-saving motors greatly enhance efficiency. From on-premise to cloud layers, Delta aims to develop sustainable factories.

Facing manufacturing workforce shortages, the second webinar series focuses on Virtual and Physical Integration for Precision Manufacturing Upgrades, presenting various intelligent software and hardware integration solutions. Process simulation software assists in the setup and simulation of electronic assembly equipment, streamlining critical processes like soldering, pressing, spraying, and screw tightening with digital twin technology, significantly reducing time and costs for product development and line changeovers. For the semiconductor industry, Delta has introduced specialized communication control software and wafer peripheral logistics solutions to integrate production line equipment and enhance efficiency. Additionally, with machine vision and management software platforms, warehouse logistics efficiency is elevated, achieving highly autonomous factory operations and optimizing work efficiency.

The third webinar series, Booster Technology for Precision Manufacturing, offers solutions for the electronics, rubber & plastic, and machine tool industries. Whether it's high-power operations for rubber & plastic products, micro-precision motion control for consumer electronics, or multi-axis multi-channel CNC controllers for metal processing, Delta products enhance product yield and utilization rate. Cloud connectivity enables equipment networking, continuously collecting and analyzing production data. Such features facilitate rapid line changeovers and simplify machine design and secondary development. This achieves digital transformation, accelerating high-tech precision manufacturing to tap into high-end product markets.

Register now for the 2024 Smart Manufacturing Webinars, starting on March 22nd, every Friday at 2 PM. Join us in transforming into smart green factories and advancing towards a low-carbon future.

3/22 Initiating Smart Energy Management - Industrial Infrastructure Solutions, Equipment Energy Management Solutions

3/29 Streamlining Energy-Efficient Fluid Systems - Open-Loop Variable-Torque Standard Drive VP3000 Series, Direct Drive Variable Frequency Cooling Tower System

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