Delta Smart Chiller Energy Saving Solution Helps Chipmaker Save 14M kWh Annually

In the age of interconnected global supply chains, stakeholders demand authentic carbon reduction results from companies. It's not about superficial green initiatives, but rather about a systematic approach to achieving ESG. As the journey can be quite challenging, a chipmaker in Taiwan enlisted the help of Delta’s team of technology experts and consultants to achieve net zero. With a treasure trove of green technologies, Delta delivered its tailor-made Smart Chiller Energy Saving Solution to improve carbon metrics at the chipmaking plant.

In semiconductor plants, cleanrooms are critical facilities, where hundreds of chillers stand to keep temperatures cool and constant. However, maintaining stable temperatures for quality manufacturing is highly energy-intensive. Chipmakers usually prioritize energy-saving in A/C systems, particularly focusing on chillers to improve energy efficiency without adversely affecting yield rates.

In the chipmaker’s plant, the chiller water pump capacity was designed based on the system's maximum load. Running the pumps at full speed all the time wasted resources, leading to potential downtime and chiller surges. Furthermore, operators often added standby chillers to avoid affecting production capacity, resulting in chiller flow imbalances and increased energy consumption under an unstable system.

The Delta Smart Chiller Energy Saving Solution harnessed the variable frequency feature to upgrade energy efficiency. Moreover, through data collection and integrated monitoring across different plants, clients could gain insights into the field devices — such as chiller inlet/outlet temperatures and flow conditions. This enabled more comprehensive energy-saving strategies, achieving energy savings of 14 million kWh annually. Notably, the solution expenses were offset in only two years.

The Delta Smart Chiller Energy Saving Solution aims for efficient resource allocation and energy saving with its variable frequency capabilities. It utilizes the Temperature Controller DT Series and flow meters, which send signals to the PLC AH500 Series that controls the Fluid Industry Drive VP3000 Series. With these products, Delta’s solution ensures the variable flow of the chiller water pump, effectively facilitating energy savings.

On the information level, the SCADA System VTScada and the Industrial Energy Management System DIAEnergie were applied to showcase power consumption data on an intuitive interface. The Smart AI Diagnosis Platform leverages data provided by DIAEnergie for automatic analysis and prediction of equipment faults. In a nutshell, the Smart Chiller Energy Saving Solution provides chillers with intelligence and energy-efficiency superpowers.

Delta Smart Chiller Energy Saving Solution offers the following benefits:

  • Efficient resource alocation catering to different load conditions
Adapting to varying load conditions, the system adjusts pump flow frequency accordingly. Furthermore, it calculates the optimal number of operating chillers, water pumps, and fans. This feature reduces idle and standby waste while enhancing system stability.
  • Automatic colection and visuaization of energy information
DIAEnergie calculates real-time equipment power consumption efficiency, offering insights for operators to identify anomalies and evaluate energy-saving benefits easily.
  • Smart AI Diagnosis Patform for predictive fault analysis
Utilizes AI control modules and sensors for real-time diagnosis and prediction. With dynamic benchmark analysis, predictive AI models are built for equipment fault diagnosis. Such a feature enables key equipment assessment, fault prediction, proactive notification, and timely supply preparation. The Smart AI Diagnosis Platform not only enhances maintenance efficiency but also reduces operational risks linked to key equipment, slashing downtime and preventing losses.

The Delta Smart Chiller Energy Saving Solution is committed to delivering coordinated services. Starting with consulting, Delta adeptly pinpoints issues in the client’s current measures. Delta then offers a complete product portfolio to rapidly deliver the most fitting solution. Drawing upon its own extensive carbon reduction experience, Delta facilitates a smooth process for the ISO14064 environmental management certification. With Delta’s solution, clients can rise through the net zero challenges to become internationally certified green enterprises.

News Source:IABG MKT