Delta Single-Workstation Inner Winding Machine Solution Boosts Motor Performance and Manufacturing Efficiency

Electric motors serve at the heart of nearly all industries. When electric current flows through wire coils and electromagnets in motors, the magnetic field converts electric energy into mechanical energy to drive equipment along production lines. Wire winding is a crucial step in motor manufacturing. The arrangement, density, turn number, thickness, and layer number of the wire coil can directly affect motor performance. Hence, winding machines utilized in electrical and electronics industries require higher standards of speed and precision than other machines.

Common pain points in motor wire winding include unstable winding tension control. This issue overstretches and wears out enameled copper wire, which leads to malfunction and affects the yield rate. Insufficient arranging accuracy of the copper wire may hinder the improvement of motor quality and performance. In addition, industries nowadays require high-speed production and diversification of products. Yet in the long run, the long development cycle of winding machine programs makes it difficult to advance product competitiveness in a fast-changing market.

As a major player in industrial automation with expertise in high-performing motor manufacturing as well as long experience in various industries, Delta has launched its Single-Workstation Inner Winding Machine Solution to solve the difficulties in wire winding. The solution can be employed in manufacturing motors for fans, range hoods, air purifiers, automobile components, and more. The Single-Workstation Inner Winding Machine Solution executes the winding process with six axes. First, the pressing axis secures the stator to prevent it from moving while winding. Next, the winding axis rotates, and the wire nozzle winds the copper wire into stator slots, while the wire arranging axis arranges and piles the wire. After a slot is finished, the indexing axis shifts the stator to proceed with wiring in the next slot. The two table panel lift axes adjust the table panel according to different stators’ heights.

The Single-Workstation Inner Winding Machine Solution employs Delta’s automation products to meet the requirements of simple winding process configuration and high-speed, high-precision tension control. The PC-Based Host Motion Controller AX-8 Series serves as the center of the control layer. Its modular CODESYS platform enables fast and stable motion control based on the specific needs of various products. The motion controller performs precise positioning, helical interpolation, circular interpolation, regular winding, precision winding, and automatic wire arranging. It also supports sequence loop and jump, achieving a highly flexible automatic process. The AX-8 series is paired with the Human Machine Interface DOP-100 Series, which provides user-friendly interfaces for visualized operation and allows users to create and modify the winding sequences efficiently. To prevent damage caused by winding tension fluctuation, the solution introduces the AC Servo Drive & Motor ASDA-B3 Series. The precise, synchronous motion control enables front-back, up-down, left-right motions and stator rotation for stable and high-speed winding.

Delta’s Single-Workstation Inner Winding Machine Solution offers the following benefits:

  • Open communication architecture compatible with different products
    In most motor production lines, devices derive from different manufacturers. The solution leverages the CODESYS motion control platform, which is compatible with products of different brands, provides customers with more flexible electrical system configurations.
  • Flexible mode switching enhances winding quality
    Allows switching between regular and precision winding modes to enhance yield rate and product durability. The E-Cam gearing movement executes wire winding and arrangement at the same time to ensure well-ordered stator wire and prevent crossover and coat damage from happening.
  • User-friendly interface enables efficient process changes
    Operators can efficiently customize and adjust the winding process via a visualization interface, which greatly reduces equipment cycle time and saves the cost and time of project development.

By integrating Delta’s automation products, the Single-Workstation Inner Winding Machine Solution features stable, precise winding tension control and offers a user-friendly operating interface to boost manufacturing efficiency and the yield rate of the motor winding process and reduce the cost of product development. Delta continues to introduce smart manufacturing solutions to help industries address challenges in motor manufacturing.

News Source:IABG MKT