Delta 4-Head Labeling Machine Solution Performs Precise & Fast Labeling to Upgrade Packaging

Product labels are attached securely onto bottles thanks to the automated equipment in the packaging process. Some of the prevalent equipment includes shrink sleeve labeling machines and other types of labeling machines. In March 2023, Delta published an article introducing its Double-Head Shrink Sleeve Labeling Solution, which applies a sleeve label onto the bottle from the top. This article will focus on another piece of equipment, the 4-head labeling machine, which wraps the coated label around the bottle or attaches it with hot glue.

In the packaging process, most traditional production lines leverage single-head or double-head labeling machines. However, when the label roll runs out, the line must be stopped for operators to replace the label rolls. This not only affects smooth processing and operation, but also underutilizes the operators. For this, Delta has introduced its 4-Head Labeling Machine Solution to deal with customer challenges. Similar to Shrink Sleeve Machine Labeling Solution, this solution can be widely applied in beverages, industry, pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, and more. The labeling process starts with bottle conveying. The bottle spacing axis separates and then the calibration axis straightens the bottles. When the sensor detects that a bottle is approaching, the label roll is stretched and unwound by the feeder for precise feeding and fast labeling. Finally, the conveyor belt sends the bottles away and the label processing is complete.

The 4-Head Labeling Machine Solution employs Delta’s self-developed industrial automation products. The conveyor belt, bottle spacing axis, and calibration axis adopt the Sensorless Vector Control Compact Drive VFD-EL-W Series. The drive features outstanding performance and compact design for space efficiency. Moreover, the 4-head label feeding axis is equipped with the Standard AC Servo System ASDA-B3 Series to conduct precise, smooth motion control for high production efficiency and capacity. The control layer adopts the PLC-Based Motion Controller AX-3 Series and Modbus communication to transmit data to the intuitive and user-friendly Human Machine Interface DOP-100 Series, connecting operators and equipment together for efficient management.

Delta’s 4-Head Labeling Machine Solution offers the following benefits:

  • Unique 4-Head labeling enhances productivity & optimizes space
Compared with the traditional single-head labeling machine, this solution offers a production capacity of up to 15,000 bottles per hour, improving productivity by 60%. In addition, compared with two sets of double-head labeling machines, this solution saves operating space by 50%.
  • Automatic head switching for non-stop supplementing
The solution supports automatic and manual head switching. Users can switch different heads during operation as required to prevent missed or disordered labeling from happening. Before the label runs out, it can automatically switch to the other head on the same side, achieving non-stop supplementing.
  • Outstanding label recognition ability ensures labeling accuracy
Missing labels or discontinuous labels are automatically filtered out during feeding. If too many labels are missing, it will automatically stop and issue a warning that the labels have run out.

Delta’s 4-head Labeling Machine Solution integrates high-performance and high-quality automation products. It helps the labeling industry perform high-speed processing, optimize the working space, and achieve smooth operation without downtime. The solution fixes customers’ pain points and challenges, building smart manufacturing for the near future. 

News Source:IABG MKT