Delta Smart Manufacturing Webinars 2023: The Key to Digitalization & Smart Transformation in the Machinery Industry

Explore smart manufacturing with Delta every afternoon from 26 May on the YouTube Channel of Delta Industrial Automation
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From April to May, Delta released several smart manufacturing webinars regarding smart factory fulfillment in the electronics industry. Starting in late May, Delta will be hosting a new webinar series focusing on the machinery industry with the theme “The Key to Digitalization & Smart Transformation in the Machinery Industry”. Recently the machinery industry has been facing considerable challenges and making various efforts to achieve high efficiency, flexibility, and effective decision-making. To upgrade the manufacturing process, data analysis plays an important role in machine makers’ digitalization and smart transformation efforts. With its long-term contribution to the machinery industry, Delta is dedicated to sharing innovative ideas and practical experience with OEM, machine tool, and rubber and plastics audiences to help them achieve digitalized, visualized equipment, and fast implementation for various industry-specific applications.

From 26 May to 16 June, Delta is hosting the webinar series “The Key to Digitalization & Smart Transformation in the Machinery Industry” on its YouTube Channel Delta Industrial Automation at 14:00 every Friday. Webinar topics for May and June will include:

  • 26 May: Digitalization & smart transformation in machine making
Following the wave of smart machines brought by TIMTOS 2023 in March this year, on 26 May, Delta will focus on digitalization and smart transformation in the machinery industry and will present its brand-new DIACFX Machine Box software which is dedicated to electronics assembly equipment, helps accelerate information integration and saves time for programming. In this webinar, Delta will also showcase its HMI IIoT Solution that integrates HMI with cloud services such as data analysis, cloud computing, and database storage to optimize data utilization. 
  • 2 June: Smart machine starting guide
Seeing the growing demand for highly-flexible production in the market, Delta has developed the Smart Machine Suite DIAStudio. On 2 June, Delta will elaborate how DIAStudio helps users in product selection, programming, parameter setting, machine tuning, and HMI integration. It not only optimizes the operation platform but also simplifies the system development process, providing an intuitive, convenient, and time-saving platform to build a smart machine.
  • 9 June: In-depth analysis for machining
In the industrial machinery field, machine tools play a critical role and produce a variety of parts to build pieces of equipment. In recent years, machine makers have accelerated the smart transformation of their equipment. On 9 June, Delta will introduce equipment and robot-integrated Smart Machine Tool Solutions as well as the high precision and high quality single point Servo Press, fulfilling the needs of mass production and small-volume large-variety production, optimizing the machining process, and helping machine makers stay competitive.
  • 16 June: Smart upgrades in the rubber & plastics industry
With the wide use of rubber and plastics products, the rubber and plastics industry has become significant to our daily lives. On 16 June, for the final session of the smart machinery webinar series, Delta will introduce its Rubber Sheet Extruder and Winding Machine Solutions and describe its hands-on experience in the industrial automation field, guiding customers to migrate into digitalization and smart transformation. In addition, with Smart Machine Software for Injection Molding DIAeBOX, users can collect data for real-time monitoring and receive immediate graphical reports.

In July, Delta will be hosting another new webinar series that will address smart factories and smart manufacturing with a thorough analysis of future trends and a presentation of its extensive experience in smart manufacturing fulfillment. Detailed information will be announced shortly on Delta’s Industrial Automation Smart Manufacturing Webinars webpage. Register now for upcoming webinars: https://www.deltaww.com/event/IA/webinar/

Check out more webinar topics on the YouTube Channel of Delta Industrial Automation: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFAKa104eUKdW1Kic6R_DAXx997ZfjaPa.

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