Delta Smart Manufacturing Webinars: The Key to Smart Factory Upgrades from Electronics to Machinery Industries

Explore smart manufacturing with Delta every afternoon on 5 May and from 26 May to 16 June on the YouTube Channel of Delta Industrial Automation

The electronics industry is one of the key pillars in the development of Taiwan’s economy. Seeing smart manufacturing as a rising trend, enterprises and factories are striving to search for highly efficient solutions to upgrade production lines, fulfill lean management, and become more resilient. With its extensive experience, Delta is dedicated to sharing hands-on practices with manufacturers and partners to help them achieve fast and smooth transformations. Starting in 2023, Delta is hosting a new webinar series, focusing on the topic of “Smart Factory Fulfillment in the Electronics Industry” and covering Delta’s practical experience, comprehensive solutions, and outstanding products. Delta hopes to assist audiences in establishing statistics visualization and productivity increases through smart manufacturing.

In April, Delta hosted the webinar series “Smart Factory Fulfillment in the Electronics Industry” on its YouTube Channel Delta Industrial Automation. Webinar topics for April (recaps uploaded soon) include:

  • 14 April: Cloud-edge convergence for data leverage
Cloud-edge convergence is a fundamental element to strengthen statistical capacity. Through data collection and the help of visualization solutions, manufacturers can easily achieve digital management. On 14 April, Delta introduced its SCADA System VTScada and DIAView as well as Smart Integration Edgebox DIASIE by elaborating on ways to integrate different pieces of equipment for high speed and efficient management, moving closer to attaining their smart manufacturing goals.
  • 21 April: Equipment for component manufacturing
Electronic components play a crucial role in the electronics industry and two key procedures for manufacturing electronics components include inserting and thermoforming. On 21 April, Delta demystified the technology of the Smart Insertion Machine and Heat Soldering Temperature Controller DTH Series by revealing various features of smart equipment and products for production upgrades.
  • 28 April: Precise and efficient assembly
In motion control, precision, efficiency, and production cycles have a great impact on yield rates. On 28 April, Delta demonstrated the Advanced Multi-Axis AC Servo System ASDA-W3 Series for achieving a seamless integration of multi-axis control. In addition to the ASDA-W3 Series, Delta introduced linear modules, a optical linear encoder, and the Linear Pocket Actuator LPR Series that features soft landing. The products of the week indeed amplify the outstanding performance of advanced motion control.

Following in May, Delta will continue to host these special webinars. Please stay tuned for topics on those great partners of electronics assembly: the Electric Servo Press and Smart Screwdriving System.
  • 5 May: Great partners for electronics assembly
Press fitting and screw tightening are two common applications in the electronics industry. On 5 May, Delta will introduce two key products that are suitable for electronics assembly. One is the Smart Screwdriving System which provides high precision and traceable data; the other is the Electric Servo Press, which offers a one-stop solution for the production line.

Starting from the 26th of May, Delta will be hosting a whole new webinar series, focusing on another crucial field: the machinery industry. The theme will cover smart equipment, processing, and industry-specific applications, which will guide audiences in achieving digitalization and smart transformation. Detailed information will be announced shortly on Delta’s Industrial Automation Smart Manufacturing Webinars webpage. Register now for upcoming webinars: http://iacommunication.deltaww.com/webinar/index.html

Check out more webinar topics on the YouTube Channel of Delta Industrial Automation: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFAKa104eUKdW1Kic6R_DAXx997ZfjaPa.

News Source:IABG MKT