Delta’s Guide Wheel Sorting Solution Facilitates Automation Upgrades for Effortless Parcel Sorting

Sorting is an essential procedure before parcel packing and delivery. It categorizes and gathers parcels based on the customers’ needs and sorting destination. In recent years, sorting has been widely applied in logistics, e-commerce, shoes and clothing, pharmaceuticals, and other industries. The traditional sorting approach relies heavily on manual operation, which slows down sorting efficiency and speed, and lowers accuracy. In addition, the shortage of labor heightens overall cost. To tackle these hurdles, industries have started seeking transformation and upgrades by means of integrating automation products, equipment, and solutions into factories and warehouses.

Delta has invested effort in optimizing the sorting process and providing customers with a high-speed swing arm diverter, guide wheel, modular conveyor, carbel sorting solutions, and more. Of these solutions, Delta has launched the Guide Wheel Sorting Solution, which installs multiple rows of parallel guide wheels as the sorting unit on a conveyor belt. As parcels enter the conveyor belt, the camera reads the shipping barcode at a barcode reading section and sends information to the controller. The barcode information on the parcels determines its target branch. Parcels are kept at a certain distance before entering the guide wheel module. Meanwhile, based on the signal received earlier, the controller directs the guide wheel module to proceed in linear motion, left or right inclining. Finally, the parcels flow into the target branch along the guide wheel and achieve sorting.

The Guide Wheel Sorting Solution adopts the Delta AC Servo System ASDA-E3 Series, which features an upgrade on response bandwidth, significantly reducing the settling time. Automatic resonance suppression improves commissioning efficiency, achieving high-speed and high-efficiency motion control. The control layer leverages the Compact Modular Mid-Range PLC AS Series to control the guide wheel module. The AS Series adopts Delta's self-developed 32-bit CPU with high-performance computing and a real-time operation system that greatly enhance CPU performance. The solution is simple and integrates quickly. It also employs the Industrial Ethernet Unmanaged Switch DVS Series to connect with a PLC and the Human Machine Interface DOP-100 Series. With Ethernet communication, the on-premises information can be transmitted to the IT layer and displayed in real time, assisting users in monitoring the sorting process.

Delta’s Guide Wheel Sorting Solution offers the following benefits:

  • Automation solution enhances sorting efficiency and labor productivity
The traditional sorting approach relies heavily on labor to sort parcels one after the other, which is unstable and inefficient. To fix these pain points, Delta’s solution leverages the bidirectional swing of the guide wheels for flexible sorting. It also saves on human resources, significantly improves sorting efficiency, and achieves the goal of unmanned factories and automation.
  • Mutidirectional and multi-area sorting system optimizes operating space
The number of guide wheel modules can be adjusted flexibly according to the factory area to achieve multidirectional and multi-area sorting.
  • Flexible sorting to avoid package damage
Adjusting the guide wheels’ movement angle according to the conveyer belt and branches ensures a smooth transfer of parcels. The rubber or polyurethane coat of the guide wheels enables soft sorting movements and helps reduce the clearance among wheels, protecting parcels from damage caused by getting stuck.

Delta’s Guide Wheel Sorting Solution is seamlessly integrated with self-developed products, enhancing sorting efficiency and facilitating the transformation and growth of industries. Delta demonstrates its proven capability and helps industries implement automation, while at the same time accumulating a large range of techniques and experience. Delta seeks to assist customers with their upgrades, and is constantly refining its product portfolios.

News Source:IABG MKT