Delta’s Double-Head Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine Solution Ensures Highly Stable & Efficient Packaging Process

When consumers go grocery shopping, they often pay attention to the labels on the product packaging. This helps them learn key information, such as the product’s name, nutrition facts, usage, and manufacturer. A shrink sleeve labeling machine is a crucial part of the packaging process as it applies a sleeve label securely onto the bottle from the top. Conventional labeling machines often encounter misaligned bottles or insufficient materials, and troubleshooting problems is a manual process where machines are frequently stopped, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive.  

To fix these pain points, Delta has developed the Double-Head Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine Solution that can be widely applied in industries such as beverages, food, pharmaceuticals, household chemicals, and agrochemicals. After the bottles are filled and capped, they are sent to the conveyor belt. The bottles are evenly spaced via the bottle spacing axis. Electric eyes on both sides of the belt can automatically detect misaligned bottles and send alarms in real time to stop label feeding. Meanwhile, the conveyor belt will remove the misaligned bottles and maintain the stability of the conveyor. When the sensor detects a bottle is approaching, the label roll is stretched and unwound by the feeder, and the machine starts label cutting and feeding. The double-head unit then applies labels alternately and the heating unit further heats the labels to shrink and wrap securely to the bottle. This solution achieves high stability and high efficiency in a one-stop process.   

Delta’s products are highly integrated in the Double-Head Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine Solution. The bottle feeding line leverages the Standard Compact Vector Control Drive MS300 Series and the Sensorless Vector Control Compact Drive VFD-EL-W Series. These drives feature outstanding performance and compact design for space efficiency. In addition, the label feeding line is equipped with the Standard AC Servo System ASDA-B3 Series to conduct precise, smooth motion control for high production efficiency. The control layer adopts the highly efficient and flexible PLC-Based Motion Controller AX-3 Series, which provides high-speed computing and various motion control commands. Equally important, the solution transmits signals to the Human Machine Interface DOP-100 Series via Modbus communication to present various monitoring data and improve management efficiency.

Delta’s Double-Head Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine Solution offers the following benefits:

  • Doube-head shrink sleeve labeling significantly improves production efficiency
Compared with conventional single-head shrink sleeve labeling machines, Delta’s Double-Head Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine Solution can save operating space and achieve high-speed processing, improving productivity by 66%, with a performance of up to 30,000 bottles per hour.
  • Diversified modes for non-stop supplementing
The solution supports three types of labeling modes, including left labeling, right labeling, and double-head labeling modes. Users can switch between different modes during operation as required. When labels on one side are running out, it can switch to the left or right mode, and then switch back to the double head mode again after supplementing to achieve non-stop supplementing.
  • Filters out signal interference effectively
The controller comes with 200K high-speed digital input (DI), combined with a fuzzy sampling algorithm to precisely determine the number of bottles, filter 99% of signal interference, and avoid labelling errors.

Delta’s Double-Head Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine Solution integrates high-quality automation products in one-stop to optimize the manufacturing process. With a complete fool-proofing mechanism, it is easy to operate and quick to use, meeting the process requirements of the packaging industry, and leading customers to embrace the mainstream trend of smart manufacturing.

News Source:IABG MKT