Delta’s Electric Servo Press Features Precise Pressing & Real-Time Monitoring for Smart Manufacturing of EV Charging Stations

Recently, governments and enterprises around the world have been eagerly setting net-zero goals and seeking climate change solutions to combat the climate crisis. With low-carbon trends increasingly prevalent, electric vehicles (EVs) are making great strides in the automotive industry. As the EV market grows exponentially, there is emerging demand for its essential infrastructure — charging station supply equipment.

In the past, the pressing process relied heavily on manual operation with pressurizing fixtures or pneumatic and hydraulic press machines. However, these traditional methods and equipment bring about limited manufacturing capacity and unstable quality as well as untraceable production data. To address these pain points, Delta has introduced its self-developed Electric Servo Press to an EV charging station manufacturer in northern Taiwan for wire pressing, metal parts crimping, and charger assembly. From setting the press force to loading materials onto the platform, the entire manufacturing process requires merely one man to operate, which enhances productivity and cost efficiency. As the pressing completes, Delta’s Manufacturing Execution System DIAMES automatically collects data and helps users monitor and analyze real-time production status for optimal pressing efficiency and high product quality.

Delta’s Electric Servo Press is equipped with a highly rigid structure, features easy installation, and requires no additional devices to fasten or adjust. It also adopts a Digital Load Cell to reduce noise interference, optimize control logic, and control pressing travel and force, which greatly enhances processing precision and speed. Without any conventional press parts, Delta’s Electric Servo Press helps save consumable costs, ensure safety, perform energy-saving, and solve traditional issues such as noise pollution, high energy consumption, and oil leakage. In addition, the Electric Servo Press integrates key self-made devices such as the Human Machine Interface (HMI), Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), and servo drives and motors for seamless integration, stable operation, and convenient machine maintenance. The solution employs equipment management platforms for data monitoring in real time, providing manufacturers with smart equipment to enhance competitiveness.

Delta’s Electric Servo Press offers the following benefits:

  • Saves production history for traceability
The Electric Servo Press records the production data through the host system (MES) to conduct remote management and monitoring of pressing position, force, time, and equipment status.
  • Simple one-click switch between recipes for fast changeover
Built-in and multiple recipe storage with naming and previewing functions ensure a precise configuration. Performs fast changeover in one click for small-volume large-variety production to optimize commissioning and changeover time.
  • Stable manufacturing process and high yield rate
Reports the part status in real time by monitoring press force and position and displaying the curves on the HMI. Capable of adjusting parameters and pressing speed to prevent sudden impact force and anomalies.

Delta’s Electric Servo Press not only helps EV charging station production achieve high pressing precision, speed, and quality, but also acts as an outstanding partner for a wide range of industries, including the processing of fans, motors, network appliances, and electronics assembly. With its mission statement, “To provide innovative, clean, and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow”, Delta is committed to taking action to achieve a low-carbon future.

News Source:IABG MKT