Delta’s Electronic Parts Anyfeeder Solution Provides Optimum Manufacturing Efficiency with Superior Quality

Electronic devices are widely used in our daily lives. With the rapid development of modern technology, customer demand for electronic goods has been emerging and growing rapidly. With the short product life cycle of high-tech products, electronics manufacturers are struggling to find ways to optimize the production line, accelerate the manufacturing process, and increase production capacity.

The anyfeeder, a front-end device in the production line, consists of a feed surface, machine vision system, and industrial robots. It is designed to organize and feed littered electronic parts, such as capacitors, lenses, transistors, speakers, and more. Its feeding efficiency and quality have a direct impact on the subsequent production process, which makes the anyfeeder a crucial machine in manufacturing electronic products. The anyfeeder begins as the storage bin dispenses small parts onto the feed surface. The feed surface vibrates and further triggers the vision system to start taking pictures, estimating the number of parts on the feed surface and sending coordinates to the robot. The robot then picks up the materials and places them onto the tray row by row.

To control peripheral devices, traditional anyfeeders normally require multiple sets of software, which makes it hard to integrate various software brands and fails to automatically record and save the production status. To fix these customer pain points, Delta’s Electronic Parts Anyfeeder Solution integrates the operation and control software of the feed surface, camera, and robot. The all-in-one software is capable of controlling peripheral devices for efficient project management. The solution also adopts Delta’s Robot Controller DCS Series and SCARA Robot DRS Series for multi-angle applications. The machine vision system employs the industrial camera to detect faults and filter out damaged or defective products, which greatly enhances the feeding quality. In addition, the vision system is equipped with the self-developed Machine Vision Library DMV-LIB for customized vision functions to meet various manufacturing requirements.

Delta’s Electronic Parts Anyfeeder Solution offers the following benefits:

  • Seamless software integration for fast system setup
The software integrates the feed surface, industrial camera, and robot, which provides feed surface parameters adjustment and control, vision parameters adjustment, and robot motion control and in-time anomaly alarms. One software achieves real-time monitoring and data collection.
  • Simple commissioning for optimized changeover efficiency
Offers one-click automatic calibration with no manual operation required to save calibration and commissioning time. The built-in guided operation function greatly reduces the expertise required for operating, and achieves fast changeover on the production line.
  • A highly-customized anyfeeder with flexible production modes
The number of robot fixtures and tray matrix size can be customized based on manufacturing needs. The solution also supports flexible combinations of feed surfaces, cameras, and robots to enhance feeding efficiency and monitor material quality.

Delta leverages its extensive experience in the industrial automation field and has introduced the Electronic Parts Anyfeeder Solution to customers. By integrating Delta’s high-efficiency automated products, the solution greatly optimizes the feeding process and enhances manufacturing efficiency as well as assists the electronics industry in performing high-speed and stable smart manufacturing.

News Source:IABG MKT