Delta’s Woodworking Electronic Saw Machine Solution Brings Panel Cutting to the Next Level

At renovation work sites, carpenters cut plywood and boards into different sizes by using a panel saw machine. With its high mobility features, this widely-used cutting machine is a convenient tool that can be easily placed at various working sites. However, the speedy and prominent saw blade on the machine table puts carpenters at high risk for a sudden hand injury. It also requires extra workforce to pick and place materials and operate the cutting machines for large production. The abovementioned issues make traditional equipment hard to achieve high-efficiency processing.

Targeting the problems occurring in traditional panel saws, machine makers implement automation techniques into the equipment with an embedded HMI. The automated panel saw did save working time and increase productivity; however, it requires manual input on the cut positioning point and it is complicated importing data into the system, which leads to ineffective working hours and affects production efficiency. What’s worse, this type of panel saw machine produces additional waste and further increases material costs.

Aiming at panel cutting processing in the woodworking industry, Delta has introduced its Woodworking Electronic Saw Machine Solution. The cutting process kicks off as the initial position of the feeding robot and the saw blade are set. The operator places the panel onto the feeding platform, pushes the panel in, and starts the auto cycle function. The robot grabs the panel and pulls it back for a distance, then feeds it forward based on the set length. At this point, the beam presses down and the saw blade is raised for cutting. As the cutting comes to an end, the beam lifts up and the saw blade goes down. The system proceeds to the next feeding cycle until the set number is reached. Finally, the robot pushes surplus materials out and a cutting cycle is completed.

The hardware and software in this solution both adopt Delta’s products. On the control layer, the solution employs Delta’s Industrial PC IPC Series. With its outstanding protection and vibration resistance, the PC transmits data to the Programmable Logic Controller DVP Series through the Modbus protocol. The PLC connects with two devices, the AC Servo System ASDA-B3 Series and Standard Compact Drive MS300 Series, to accomplish high-performance and high-precision positioning control, and most importantly, to enhance the efficiency of the panel cutting processing. The solution also collaborates with the Smart Sensors PS Series to set the initial position of the servo axis and send signals back to the PLC afterwards, ensuring a smooth and stable motion of the servo drive during processing. In addition to hardware products, Delta has developed the Woodworking Electronic Saw Machine Suite, which can be installed into either Delta’s PCs or general PCs. Delta’s software provides abundant and diverse functions. One of the useful and critical functions is the optimized composing algorithm that significantly enhances board utilization and eliminates manual operation.

Delta’s Woodworking Electronic Saw Machine Solution brings the following benefits:

  • Material saving and utilization increase
Delta’s self-developed Woodworking Electronic Saw Machine Suite, with its built-in optimized composing algorithm function, automatically calculates the cutting path of different lumbers and dimensions. The utilization rate of the materials reaches over 90%. The function also allows customers to edit the composing setting manually and stores setting parameters automatically for convenient and flexible operation.
  • User-friendly software interface, helping technicians quickly get used to the whole process
Provides dynamic CAM display function and showcases cutting animated simulations on the monitor. Through animation and material texture display, the simulation offers guidance on how to place the panels and helps technicians become familiar with the manufacturing process.
  • One-stop solution, enhancing process efficiency with automated operation
Leverages Delta’s automated, integrated, and stable products to reduce manpower costs. The software is equipped with a guided operating flow that helps save training time and assists technicians in setting parameters.

Delta’s Woodworking Electronic Saw Machine Solution greatly simplifies machine setting, fulfills fine cut requirements, increases labor productivity, and enhances process efficiency. With its advanced technologies and years of production expertise in the industrial automation field, Delta is collaborating with the woodworking industry to carry out smart manufacturing in the near future.

News Source:IABG MKT