Delta’s High-speed Reciprocating Vertical Packaging Machine Solution Optimizes Speed and Precision

Packaging products are widely used in our everyday lives, such as for snacks, ready-to-eat meals, dry pet food, rice, seed packs, and more. Basically, both granular and liquid products are wrapped and sealed with packaging film rolls for easy storage and delivery.

The manufacturing process of bringing products and packaging together begins as the packaging film is folded into rolls, sealed longitudinally, and rolled into barrels. Finally, the package is filled with materials and sealed transversely. Even though packaging production lines are fully developed, manufacturing errors such as tilted or empty packages can still occur.

Many people have experienced opening a bag of chips and are surprised to find nitrogen filling with only a few chips, which does not comply with the information on the package cover. To prevent poor quality packaging, Delta has unveiled its High-speed Reciprocating Vertical Packaging Machine Solution for speed and precision optimization.

Delta's High-speed Reciprocating Vertical Packaging Machine Solution employs the Embedded Motion Controller DXMC Series and AC Servo Drive ASDA-B3. With EtherCAT, the controller offers a short scan cycle and fast response to enhance package precision and speed. While packaging, the production line may encounter film slippage. To cope with this slippage, the film axis speed can be corrected by monitoring the feedback speed of the encoder. The encoder and the color patch sensor work together to ensure quality and eliminate faults. The solution leverages a specific algorithm for precise control of the crank mechanism, high-efficiency production, and other applications.

Delta’s High-Speed Reciprocating Vertical Packaging Machine Solution brings the following benefits:
  • Increases packaging speed (up to 30% faster) and precision
Without a pause, the solution automatically corrects the cutting position of the film to avoid tilted cutting and packaging for an efficiency boost.
Packaging speed increases by up to 30% compared with traditional solutions. Max. speed reaches up to 200 pcs/min as the bag length is 200 mm.
  • Automatically plans cam curves based on the bag length setting
With simple operation, users can set customized bag lengths. It automatically plans cam curves based on the settings and then completes packaging.
  • Reduces waste with an empty-proof function
Interacts with the associated weigher I/O signals to detect material shortages and pauses when this situation occurs to avoid empty bags.

With its capabilities in industrial automation, Delta has released the High-speed Reciprocating Vertical Packaging Machine Solution for customers to prevent errors, such as empty or tilted bags. It automatically corrects deviations in the production line to maintain high standards of precision and production capacity while upgrading packaging speed. The solution is definitely one of the best options for the packaging industry.

News Source:IABG MKT