Delta Builds Aluminum Machining Solution with Its CNC Controller, Dedicated CAD/CAM Software and AC Servo System

Aluminum is widely applied in daily essentials, transport, architecture and many other industries due to its light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance and machinability. Aluminum products appear in almost every aspect of our lives, including vehicle components, furniture, conveyors, inspection machines and warehouse shelves. The production of aluminum materials starts from the extrusion of heated alloy billets being forced through a die using a specific profile. Afterwards, the extrusion is sent for further processing such as slot milling, drilling and tapping that is facilitated by a CNC machining center.

Compared with general types, a CNC machining center for aluminum is designed with a specific mechanism, control system, programs and machining approaches. For example, a worktable is usually narrow in width and large in length. It operates with higher main spindle speed and motion control accuracy to conduct common aluminum processing approaches, including slot milling, tapping, cutting, grinding and stamping. The machining path and approaches are enabled by complex programming, making operation and tuning a challenge.

To increase operation convenience and optimize efficiency, Delta developed an aluminum machining center solution for customers in China and Taiwan. The solution offers features and integrated control system tailored for the industry. During the process, Delta’s CAD/CAM system for aluminum machining facilitates quick workpiece generation and pattern design with templates. After the processing and path parameters are set, 3D simulation allows motion preview and collision check. Then the controller Delta Open CNC Solution NC30EB Series gives orders to the Delta AC Servo System ASDA-A3 Series to perform accurate machining.

The Delta Open CNC Solution NC30EB Series enables multicore control architecture supporting immediate assignment to achieve high efficiency. The customizable interface allows more flexibility. With a smart platform and program library, machine development becomes easier. For motion control, the solution leverages the Delta AC Servo System ASDA-A3 Series, which delivers high responsiveness with 3.1 kHz bandwidth and precise motion control with a high-resolution encoder. Delta’s CAD/CAM system for aluminum machining allows intuitive parameter configuration, which can then be directly exported to the controller for quick path generation and optimization. The 3D simulation of the machining process and collision check ensures operation safety.

Delta’s aluminum machining center solution brings the following benefits to the customer:

Integrated control system for smooth operation
The Delta Open CNC Solution NC30EB Series is combined with a dedicated CAD/CAM system, which allows convenient operation from workpiece generation, pattern design, 3D simulation and direct import of G codes to the controller. The solution mobilizes an all-digital communication network and the Delta AC Servo System ASDA-A3 Series for excellent motion control and reliability. The easy parameter management also makes tuning more convenient.

A solution tailored for aluminum machining
The profile, pattern and parameter templates are designed according to essential aluminum machining approaches for smooth operation. The collision and interference check enhances safety with automatic calculation for fixture avoidance.

Simplified programming and machine development
With an intuitive interface, programming becomes easier and users can save more time.

Delta implements Delta’s CNC controller, AC servo system and CAD/CAM system to build a complete aluminum machining center solution. The system is well-integrated and tailored for aluminum machining to achieve high efficiency and performance.


News Source:IABG MKT Dept.