Wastewater Treatment System / Fountain Hills Sanitary District WWTP & Advanced WTP, Arizona

Whether it's an aerobic plant, an anaerobic plant, a lime plant, an RO plant or just simple chlorine injection…VTScada has you covered. Utilities throughout the world treat billions of gallons of raw water and sewer water every day. These are critical assets and complex processes that many of us take for granted every time we drink from a public water fountain or flush a toilet. Thus it is critical to have a reliable, robust and flexible SCADA software platform to manage these mission critical assets. VTScada leads the way when it comes to mission critical monitoring and control.


• PID loop controls

• Multiwrite tags for multiple control outputs

• SNMP driver tag for network monitoring

• Unlimited redundant historians

• Custom reports

• MUX tag for device and communication redundancy

• Easy to use trending

• Facility management such as lighting controls and building security

• Camera integration

• Internet clients for after hours of monitoring remotely

• Support for over 1 million data points (64 Bit Version)


News Source:IABG MKT